Wednesday, November 27, 2013

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Landon Van Soest Crowdfunding for Artificial Retina Documentary Light Darkness Light | Filmmaker Magazine
I haven’t had a lot of luck with crowdfunding in the past and thought my project could get lost in the ether on a site like Kickstarter or Indiegogo. My film was one of just a few initial projects when Crimso launched so I was able to have a personal connection with the site administrators, and they featured us in a lot of their own outreach and marketing efforts.

Big League Cine Summit | Big League Film
What Is Big League Cine Summit?
Starting December 10, 2103
For three days you will have access to presentations by top cinematographers on specific topics and techniques. Each day will feature a set of presentations that you can access. You will discover information and techniques that the pros use that goes far beyond what you can get from any tutorial. This is the inside stuff! Click on the button below to see the presentation topics.

Exclusive review – Sony RX10 | EOSHD
With this camera Sony have made an all out attempt to get it right and pack in everything we need for video. Unfortunately it has a manic-depressive personality. When it feels like delivering a shot it will do so very well. And what an ability you have to get that shot with a lens like the Zeiss.

PluralEyes 3 Update: More Camera Support & Automatic Organization | Red Giant
A new revised look and feel, streamlined and simplified to bring focus where it’s needed.
Additional camera support: Canon C300, XF300 and other Canon XF cameras, with full support for spanned clips.

Improving POV Cam Footage with a few Tricks in Adobe CC | ProVideoCoalition
Normally, if I've done a good job of mounting my GoPro Hero camera or stabilizing my quadcopter in advance, then all I have to do is a quick edit of the footage or images and do some color correcting in Photoshop, Premiere Pro or After Effects CC. But when things get shaky, loose or just need a little help, there are some go-to procedures I use to get me useable footage. I'll share a few examples and techniques with you here...

MacBreak Studio: Episode 242 -Wrapping Text in Motion | YouTube
This week on MacBreak Studio, Mark shows Steve how to animate text to wrap around an object in Apple Motion.

This was one of the hardest selections of products for the editors to determine at Videomaker, as we define the gear of the past year that we think is innovative and evolutionary enough to say it will last through the technological changes of the next year and more to come. And, so, without further ado, here are the Videomaker Editors’ Picks for Best Products of the year for 2013...

C300 Quick Tip: Assigning a Custom White Balance Button | AbelCine
Today's quick tip involves changing the white balance on the Canon C300 and C500. There are actually five white balance modes to choose from, selectable via the Function button at the back of the camera. The Function button also allows you to change your ISO and shutter speed, so today i'm going to show you how to dedicate one of the assignable buttons to white balance, which is great for very fast adjustments.

Monitors and Filmmaking | ProVideoCoalition
Technology has changed: Film and Video had a child, and its name is Digital. We’ve got big imagers, small imagers, high-resolution displays, digital projection in movie theaters, RAW, LUTS, HDR and HFR. We’ve got people trying to pull focus on still photo lenses with cheap follow focuses. At every step of production and post-production, armies of people with computers can touch the image and have their way with it. Some of the viewfinders are very sharp indeed. Everyone has his or her eyes glued to the monitor.

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VisionRouge said...

about: Exclusive review – Sony RX10 | EOSHD

Please read carefully the full review, he also said
"Put simply the video processing in the RX10 is quite poor."

So, his final conclusion are really mixed and not so positive as the summarize we can read here.