Thursday, November 28, 2013

Friday Sales

It's Friday, so I guess we all have to run out and spend money!

There's been articles about the best time to buy different gear, whether it's best to rent or buy, etc. etc. I'm not sure I can provide any advice except this; if you aren't going to be shooting with it in the next 30 days, don't buy it. Buying things before you really need them doesn't make much sense - often you find out you didn't need the thing much at all.

At least, that's what I've found.

B & H Sales
B & H has a bunch of "special" sales over the weekend:

There's a wide range of stuff there, the most interesting to me are (but there's a lot more listed):

Amazon often matches prices at B & H
(we do get a small commission from the links to B & H and Amazon):

Hot Rod Cameras
Finally, Hot Rod Cameras sent us the following announcement. We actually have no connection to Hot Rod.

Of particular interest, if you're in Hollywood on Friday, they will be hosting the world's first public demonstration of the just completed Digital Bolex camera from 3:PM to closing on Friday.

This Friday we are renaming Black Friday "Bokeh Friday" (as we are camera nerds). Because frankly, we're human; we are then taking Saturday and Sunday off (our office will be closed). We are then back in the office Monday for what is known as "Cyber Monday"- we're calling it "Mattebox Monday", on account of our exclusive discounts we are offering on both matteboxes and filters on Monday. There will not be a better day to buy a mattebox (or filter) all year.

Prices on everything in the store are too low to advertise, so deals are only available over the phone, in store, or by email. Nearly everything is on sale only on Friday and Monday.

We are also doing some (must be present) equipment giveaways at our Hollywood showroom, and offering free Egg Nog to all, yay! We are also doing the world's first public demonstration of the just completed Digital Bolex camera from 3:PM to closing on Friday - which will be fun!

There are great lens (and lens case) deals on Bokeh Friday, including some ridiculous open box/demo lenses offers. We've got a nearly new Century 23-460mm 35mm PL mount zoom being offered at less than 1/2 the original price. We've also got demo/used Zeiss CP lenses, including the beautiful 100mm Zeiss CP.2 (PL Mount) for more than $1000 off the list price of $4900. Also, a lightly used 35mm CP lens is an astounding 48% off the new price- and includes a warranty! You won't find a better lens deals on ebay or anywhere else!

Also on Friday we're offering the best prices ever from an authorized dealer on NEW: ARRI, Zeiss, Schneider Xenon FF (and Xenar), Fujinon, Voigtlander, Tokina, G.L. Optics and Rokinon lenses! This is probably the most epic lens sale event of all time!

On Monday our storewide sale continues, but the really special deals will be on matteboxes and filters. We have ALL ARRI, Oconnor, Chrosziel, Bright Tangerine and Petroff Matteboxes on sale as well as all Schneider and Tiffen filters.

Our prices are too low to show. Our website will not show sale prices- anywhere. The way to take advantage is to show up, call, or email us at with your inquiry/phone number and we will call you back.

We are going to be offering some additional bundle deals on most everything. Bundling equipment can earn you store credit, which can be applied to your purchase. Be sure to ask about a custom bundle if you are planning on purchasing multiple items.

Our Hollywood showroom is open from 9-6 Friday (11/29) and Monday (12/2), but, we are extending our phone hours both days from 8:AM to 8:PM PST. The Bokeh Friday sale ends Friday at 8:01 PM PST and the Mattebox Monday sale ends on Monday at 8:01 PM PST.

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