Wednesday, October 09, 2013

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Directing Movies: Few Know More Than the Cinematographer | Variety
“It’s kind of shocking that you don’t see more (d.p.’s make the transition) because a lot of times these guys are the most experienced on the set,” says Phil d’Amecourt, the William Morris Endeavor agent who reps Pfister as a director.

DIY Monday:The Screenwriter’s Toolkit | MovieMaker
This week’s DIY Monday is Basil Shadid’s The Screenwriter’s Toolkit -  18 exercises to combat writer’s block, two-dimensional characters, inert scenes, and everything else plaguing your script –  taken from MovieMaker‘s 2014 Complete Guide to Making Movies, on stands now.

Does Technology Make Us Better Filmmakers? | Brian Troy | Zacuto
Film or no film, I’m no Orson Welles and I’m obviously not James Cameron. Am I against technology?  No.  Do I want a Zacuto EVF and a 7” field monitor that has 1200 x 800 resolution with false color, peaking and a button that can call my car around?  You better believe it!  I’m just posing a question.

Festival Spotlight Friday: What’s a Festival Worth? | MovieMaker
Identifying the benefits of fest participation to improve your ROI.

DV Expo 2013: The MŌVI & the Micro Remote – A Winning Combination | HDSLR Shooter
The first video shows Valente’s walking demonstration shot with the MŌVI, demonstrating how easy it is to get that highly coveted “long take” shot that even Orson Welles would be proud of.

Now, when I see good video journalism, the thing that I admire most after the story or narrative is good lighting. Making nice frames is easy. I honestly don’t understand how’s technical editor Matt Allard gets his lights everywhere. But what I do know is — he’s not relying on his camera’s low light sensitivity capabilities to make beautiful pictures.

#HackingArts | Digital Bolex
Pretty much what I wrote about at Filmmaker Magazine...

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