Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Quick Links - the BMCC edition

Some Blackmagic Design Pocket Cinema Camera news....(including the fact that, according to B & H: it usually ships in 2-4 months - say what??!!!!)

Black Magic Pocket Camera Review Compared To DSLR and Red Epic | Learning DSLR
The issue that bothers me the most might be surprising, it is not the battery life, it is the lack of white balance control, this is because I am not a colorist and I want to get it right in camera. You can not make real time white balance changes you have to enter the menu and then come back, I want to see the difference in color temp when I change it so I can dial it in.

We finally got our hands on the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera and took it for a spin. Check out the pros and cons of this little camera that wants to play with the big boys.

This at least is available now...
DV Expo 2013: Redrock Micro LiveLens MFT for the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera | HDSLR Shooter
The BMPCC is a “MFT” or micro four thirds camera, and you won’t be able to use your EOS lenses without an adapter.  If you have “EF” or “L” glass this means if you use the standard “cold” adapter, you won’t have any control over the exposure.  The Redrock Micro LiveLens MFT™ is the first active lens adapter that enables Canon EF lenses to be used with any MFT camera.

Distributing Films In The Internet Age: Interviews with Pivotshare and Fandor | Filmmaker Magazine
The Film, TV & Digital Session at the recent Hacking Arts event focused on film distribution, with panelists Richard Matson from Gathr Films, Adam Mosam from Pivotshare and Albert Reinhardt from Fandor. The panel was moderated by Elle Schneider of Digital Bolex.

Criticwire Survey: Game-Changers | Indiewire
This weekend, Gravity set a record for the biggest October opening weekend in history. But that's small potatoes compared to the claims some critics have made that it represents the dawning of a new era in movies. What's a film you thought would change movies forever, and were you right?

Regular film submission deadline: Film must be postmarked by October 31, 2013

Some Fun (and educational) Videos

A Story of Hope by Funky Medics | Vimeo
Dave Legion and the amazing folks at Funky Medics put this together for the FH Foundation, in Adobe After Effects using Mettle's FreeForm + MamoWorld's Lip Sync. Great animation and a great cause. Check it out. Dave wants to send out a big thanks and shout out to Daniel Gies, whose work and tutorials inspired and helped him tremendously. Please help spread the word by sharing this link.

JetStrike Video Tour | YouTube
3D models of aircraft for use in Element 3D and After Effects. Looks cool, but is there a F-14 Tomcat? I can't find a list of aircraft on their site! (The product is being released today)

If you're interested in this product, read this post about making the models look their best:
Aerial Photography with JetStrike
One of the things I learned while creating the JetStrike teaser (in only 3 days!) is the importance of aerial photography. Part of making Jets look powerful and life-sized is shooting them in a realistic way. Of course we can add a touch of Hollywood’s hyper realism but starting with a foundation based on real aerial photographer is critical. With less than a week away from the JetStrike release, I figured I should share my findings.

Matt Morris – iPhone 5S Adventure Goes Diving Off a Cliff With the New iPhone 5S | 148apps
“Matt Morris – iPhone 5S Adventure” is a short film that was shot completely on the iPhone 5S, showcasing the new camera and other features of the phone. With that, why not create some fun and entertaining videos? That’s what these guys did during their latest adventure to the skate park, parking garage, and cliffs!

Analysis of the Hitchcock Style: THE POWER OF THE CLOSE UP w/ Guillermo Del Torro, John Carpenter | YouTube

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