Monday, September 09, 2013

Adobe announces October upgrades for Creative Cloud

It's IBC week, so expect some announcements this week. Adobe has started off the week with an announcement of new features coming for Adobe Creative Cloud.

After Effects CC (12.1): what’s new and changed in this update due to be released October 2013 | Blogs | Adobe
Here is a virtually comprehensive list of changes, with detail beyond the summaries of the top items listed above. We’ll be posting a lot more detail over the coming weeks, and the outline below will be populated with links to in-depth articles and tutorials, so bookmark this page and check back.

Adobe Premiere Pro CC October 2013 Release | Blogs | Adobe
Color is becoming increasingly important throughout an entire production workflow, and the addition of the Lumetri Deep Color Engine in the June 2013 Premiere Pro CC release gave editors the ability to work with beautiful SpeedGrade grades right inside the application. With this release, SpeedGrade has fully implemented the Mercury Playback Engine from Premiere Pro, and a brand new workflow between the two applications is being introduced, namely Direct Link.

Adobe pro video tools. Still new. Already improved | Adobe
Brilliant visuals. Fluid workflows. The cutting edge in pro video tools is about to get sharper. Adobe Creative Cloud is adding more than 150 new features that speed up video and film production workflows, with significant updates to Adobe Premiere® Pro CC, After Effects® CC, SpeedGrade® CC, Prelude® CC, Media Encoder CC, and Story CC Plus. We’re also introducing a brand-new iPad app, Prelude Live Logger. Here's a sneak peek at our upcoming releases.

PDF Document | Adobe
Continuous innovation is at the heart of Adobe Creative Cloud—a dedicated platform fordelivering new features, products and services more frequently to help keep you ahead ofthe curve. Just four months after the CC releases shipped, Creative Cloud will be adding over150 new features that greatly improve video workflows, with significant updates to AdobePremiere® Pro CC, After Effects® CC, SpeedGrade® CC, Prelude™ CC, Adobe Media Encoder CC,and Adobe Story CC Plus. At IBC we will also preview Prelude Live Logger, a brand-new iPadapp currently in development.

Creative Cloud October update - over 150 new video features | Rich Young | Pro Video Coalition
The October update will be less than 4 months after Premiere Pro, After Effects, and the other CC tools were originally released. Adobe plans to add over 150 new features to Premiere Pro CC, After Effects CC, SpeedGrade CC, Adobe Media Encoder CC, Prelude CC,  and Adobe Story. They're also introducing new iPad apps, Adobe Anywhere iPad and Prelude Live Logger.

Brilliant Visuals | Fluid Workflows | Pro Video Coalition
Later this week at IBC, we’ll be showing off many awesome new features coming on October 15 in the next releases of Creative Cloud pro video tools. Instead of the usual 12 or 18-month wait, we’re proud to be offering the major updates just four months after the original CC products were launched.

Adobe Announces Major Software Updates | Larry Jordan
A look at the highlights of the updates to the different apps:
As Bill Roberts, director of video product management at Adobe, said: “Broadcasters and video pros have limited resources and are under increasing pressure to deliver more on shorter timelines and smaller budgets, so they need solutions that streamline workflows and enable more efficiency.

Adobe Announces native Dragon support in Premiere Pro  | Red User Forum

What else is coming?

The announcement from Adobe prompts reader Paul Antico to wonder about what might be coming from Apple:
Adobe announced 140 new features, many of which are either dependent on Mavericks (Open CL 4.x support for Intel CPU gfx), or will stress the new Mac Pro (GPU acceleration for encoding). Out in October.

I wonder what is also coming in October? We get Mavericks, updated laptops, and that new Mac Pro.

Adobe CC is coming into its own with the constant addition of new features. I kinda like it.

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