Tuesday, August 27, 2013

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Upcoming Free webinar : Storytelling from Indie to 3D with Avid Filmmaker Morgan Spurlock Shares His Secrets
Thursday, August 29, 201311 am PT / 2 pm ET
Acclaimed filmmaker Morgan Spurlock and producer Jeremy Chilnick recently completed One Direction: This Is Us—a highly anticipated film that combines 3D concert footage with Morgan’s trademark documentary style.
See how an Avid workflow helps Morgan and Jeremy collaborate
Get a behind-the-scenes tour of their creative working environment
Learn the storytelling secrets behind Morgan’s success
Get your questions answered in a live Q&A with Morgan

Be Natural: Interview with documentary filmmakers Pamela Green and Jarik van Sluijs | Michael Murie | Filmmaker Magazine
If somebody thinks that they know the story that they are going to tell at the beginning, they better think again, because once they look at the footage it becomes something completely different.

If you're interested in the DJI Phantom Quadcopter you'll want to check out this site as he does things with FPV (video transmitters from the camera) and brushless gimbals:
Today, I put together a new DJI Phantom with the goal of integrating a brushless gimbal and FPV transmitter in the cleanest, tightest package I could manage.

First Look - Luxi Incident Metering Attachment for iPhones | ProVideoCoalition
A quick look at a $30 piece of plastic that turns your iPhone into an incident meter:
It's early days yet; I've only done some informal testing, but it does look like Luxi is useful for serious work – with the caveat that Luxi is a passive diffuser and thus it's totally dependent on the accuracy of both the camera hardware and the application software used with it. Using Pocket Light Meter, I had more consistent results on my iPhone 5 than I did on my iPod touch 4G

A Landscape Of Lies: the inside story of a blockbuster tax scam | The Guardian
A movie created to cover up a huge, fake, tax write-off:
By this stage, a more experienced film-maker might have become suspicious. What producers of a £130m animation would offer it to a low-budget director they'd just met? And if they had £130m, why were they making a film for just £100,000?

Runaway Production: TV Drama Spreads Out All Over the Map | Variety
The Golden State is steadily losing ground in the sector that is the single-largest driver of long-term production employment in the biz — high-end drama shows that have the potential to run for years. This decline has occurred at a time when the overall number of hour-long series in production has exploded, thanks to the growing appetite for original programming on cable, and now even digital platforms.

The best FCPX multicam demo I’ve ever seen! Ben Consoli presents at the BOSCPUG | FCP.Co
In the presentation, Ben shows how quickly a 3-camera live event can be edited, graded and mixed using the tools in FCPX. He uses a real job too which always helps to show up the advantages and disadvantages within the NLE as prepackaged demo footage is just too prepackaged and clean.

Real life editing experiences with a MacBook Air and Final Cut Pro X | FCP.Co
The article that we published on the rendering problem with FCPX running on a MacBook Air certainly stirred up quite a bit of feeling in the community. It was interesting as the mail we received was split down the middle. Half criticised us for bashing the MBA and the other half praised us for not being 'complete Apple fanbois.' (Not our words or spelling we hasten to add!)
So we decided to contact everybody who had posted a comment or had emailed in saying they were editing on a MBA and asked them to share their thoughts and experiences.

Editing Video in Mid-Air with the Leap Motion Controller | ProVideoCoalition's clear that the Leap is capable of tracking very small, precise and subtle gestures, so I look forward to the day when that kind of capability is available more broadly. Right now, Leap video editing is less Minority Report and more waving your arms around in front of your computer trying to make things happen than you can do more easily with the tools you already have.

filmbot | Instagram
A fun picture of the new Blackmagic Design Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera:
It makes me laugh #Zeiss 35mm on #bmpcc looks great but still funny #bmpc #blackmagic #digitalcinema

This is for the beginner; what you need to know about working with your camera to become a pro:

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