Friday, June 28, 2013

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The Changing Shape of Cinema: The History of Aspect Ratio | Vimeo
A very interesting history of aspects ratios, including where 16:9 came from:

The Changing Shape of Cinema: The History of Aspect Ratio from on Vimeo.

Kickstarter is coming to Canada - later this summer

MC 7 is out! What Avid won’t tell you about Spanned Markers | ProVideoCoalition
So, one of the features I saw demonstrated at NAB in April that I thought was pretty cool was Spanned Markers. Markers or Locators (as they used to be called) have always simply provided a mark on a moment of time – a specific frame. But I have often felt that it would be very useful to mark a SEGMENT of time, like an in to an out point, for example.

New plugin developer Lawn Road launches two products for Final Cut Pro X
First is Color Precision a $49 set of ten plugins (there is no price on the website), well five really that are presented as both effects and titles in the pack. The plugin does duplicate a lot of the FCPX built in functionality, but if you don't like the Color Board then maybe this is for you.

Short Concept Videos to Be Eligible for Option at Amazon Studios | IndieWire
Amazon has just announced that starting June 27, "concept videos" can be submitted and evaluated for a development option by Amazon Studios. These short films are meant to present a compelling idea for a commercial, theatrical film.

Vitaliy Kiselev decoding Nikon D7100 firmware, discovers “LiveView Raw”
D7100 has fun string present in firmware “A:\LvRaw%03d.raw”. If someone do not understand, it means LiveView Raw.

Lomo Anamorphics and Phantom Miro capture "Ghost Hits" | Dave Kruta
In anticipation of the official release of their music video for “Ghost Hits”, Shake the Baron dropped some teasers, shot at 1000fps on the Phantom Miro. This is the sort of goofy fun that we had for two days of shooting, and what truly exemplifies the spirit of making music videos.

The whole package is very manageable in terms of overall size and weight. Being able to record professional audio along with amazing DSLR images directly in-camera is truly magical. The easy-to-read VU meter, headphone monitoring, HI gain, limiting and AGC disabling all worked together in concert to produce quality audio without the added step of syncing in post.

4k? No way! Yes. Way. | Duke Digital Media Community
4k video arrived at Duke today. Through the cooperation of SONY, Duke Media Services, Duke School Of Medicine Medical Education IT Group as well some amazing faculty and staff from the Duke School of Medicine, Duke OIT’s Interactive Technology Services were able to test a specific use case of the emerging Ultra HD or 4k video format comparing it to high definition capture of the same content.

Positive review of this $439 XLR audio box for HDSLRs:
A highlight of the software is the high-res workflow capabilities that make it simpler to work with video like 4K. The FrameFlex tools let you work directly in HD from high-res sources while efficiently managing all the image reframing and keyframing.

2013 TFI New Media Fund Grantees Announced | Tribeca Film Institute
Today TFI unveiled the six grant recipients for the 2013 TFI New Media Fund. Each project have been awarded between $50,000 and $100,000 apiece, with funding effective immediately.

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