Thursday, June 27, 2013

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CineEurope: Sony Claims 4K Is Now 'Mainstream' | The Hollywood Reporter
"4K is now 'mainstream,'" asserted David McIntosh, senior vp at Sony Digital Cinema, during the company’s CineEurope press conference on Tuesday.
“The movement over the last year is very clear,” he said of the technology, referencing not only the company’s 15,000 installed 4K projectors, but its latest production gear and new Ultra HD (4K) TVs.

Don’t Expect Things to Get Better for 3D | Home Media Magazine
Let me make clear, right away, that I am not faulting the content side. I think our industry handled the advent of 3D quite well. For those who bemoaned, and now want to blame, the lack of product, consider this: 3D was never meant to be a whole new viewing experience, like Blu-ray Disc or, before that, DVD. Rather, it was always intended to be a selective experience, one that is not universally applied.

Which Camera for Which Genre? Five Questions for D.P. Timur Civan
| Michael Murie | Filmmaker Magazine
As an undergrad at NYU, Timur Civan studied sculpture before moving into video. “I became really interested in video because I was able to bring time into my sculptural work,” he says. Civan has produced a wide variety of work, from short films, music videos, and corporate videos, to commercials and documentaries.

Editing With Canon C300 Footage – Tips For When It All Goes Wrong
| PremiumBeat
If for whatever reason your card structure doesn’t come across intact, what can you do? Depending on your NLE you have various options. If you’re in Adobe Premiere it doesn’t matter, as it will read the MXF files just fine.

Blackmagic Design Cinema Camera with MFT Mount IN STOCK | B & H PhotoVideo
The Micro-Four Thirds mount version of the Blackmagic Digital Cinema Camera is in stock at several dealers.

Canon Lens Rebates Scheduled to Expire Saturday, July 6th

AND the $1,000 rebate on the Canon C100 is scheduled to end on JUNE 30th.

Is Hollywood really BROKEN? Help Spark some change… | Vincent Laforet
This is something I think about, breathe, and discuss just about every waking moment of every day.    I dare say that anybody who is in the film/indie/tv/commercial industry hasn’t paused at some point in the past year to question the long term viability of the current business, distribution and advertising models…  that part is definitely… well… kinda really broken for sure.

Ep. 50 - "Editing: We F--ing Love it!" (with Vashi Nedomansky)
| NeedCreative Podcast
6/26/2013 IN THIS EPISODE:In this 50th episode of the NeedCreative Podcast, your co-hosts Paul Antico of Anticipate Media and Ben Consoli of BC Media Productions are joined by expert editor Vashi Nedomansky to talk all kinds of news, including the latest Macs. Then all three engage in a very spirited discussion about the art of editing, including Vashi's experiences in LA. Oh yes, and there's hockey. WARNING - contains some strong, fun language.

However, as noted earlier, AMD has a clear advantage when it comes to price. The only real way to tell which processor manufacturer is best is to look at the numbers. Websites like and PPBM5 have spreadsheets dedicated to showing readers which processor performed best in a variety of editing applications. 

The Power Of Camera Filtration | Ryan Walters
There are two fundamental reasons (and one side benefit) why camera filtration is better than post filtration. The first fundamental reason is demonstrated by my non-technically accurate diagram above. The numbers I have used are completely arbitrary, and are only there to communicate the big idea (so don't get hung up on them). The concept that I am demonstrating with this diagram is that an element of "organicness" and nuance is lost at each stage of the process.

| News Shooter
Viltrox is a brand you may never have heard of – but they make probably the cheapest electronic NEX to EF adapter available. It claims to offer AF and aperture control with EF lenses but is not a ‘Speed Booster’ with optics like the more expensive Metabones which I use.

The company recently announced that it would be supporting RAW shooting with the Sony FS700. To do this requires a paid for firmware upgrade from Sony as well as the 7Q and the additional codec license. At Broadcast Asia last week Convergent actually had a working sample. Check out the video to see more.

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