Tuesday, June 11, 2013

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Zacuto C-Shooter Hands On Review | Erik Naso
A review of the ($949) Zacuto C-Shooter for Canon EOS C100/C300/C500 Cameras:
The Canon Cinema EOS cameras are the most ergonomic camera I have used. So why use a rig for them? Well for a couple of reasons. If your trying to shoot ENG style then holding a camera with no rig can get fatiguing really fast. Try interviewing someone for over five minutes holding the C100 up without a rig. 

Amazon Storyteller: A Sort-of-Free Storyboard Tool | Michael Murie
| Filmmaker Magazine
On the face of it, it’s surprisingly easy to get started. The tool displays the script in a panel on the left-hand side. Click on a line of the script and the tool creates a new storyboard frame. 

“Have You Been in Jail Recently?” Chris Doyle on How to Be a Cinematic Artist | Allan Tong | Filmmaker Magazine
Doyle always carries this mindset when he handles a motion picture camera. “You see some words [in a script], and it says, ‘It’s very wet,’ or ‘It was a dry, dull day.’ How [] do you film a ‘dry, dull day’? So you have to get away from words. You have to find a way to give ‘a dry, dull day’ an image. That’s what cinematography’s about.

16 Recommendations For Filmmakers To Discover Best Practices For A Sustainable Creative Life | Truly Free Film
Focus on developing Entrepreneurial Skills as well as the creative.  The corporate distributors don’t need your work to the extent that they will ever value it as much as you will.  If you want your work to last, engage, and be profitable, it is up to you to be prepared to use it to ignite all opportunities

Lawrence of Arabia: Sony's Beautiful 4K Restoration | Creative Cow
One of the issues was that all the 70mm prints over the last two decades had been struck from the duplicate 65mm negative that was made from the 1988 wetgate-manufactured 65mm Interpositive, a process that serves to camouflage many of the scratches and dirt. "We did not have the advantage of scanning this large format film with a wetgate, so all the film's flaws were very evident directly from the original negative," said Crisp.

DPs of award-winning films speak at Cannes | ARRI News
Amid all the excitement, ARRI recorded video interviews with three cinematographers who had award-winning films at the festival, all of them captured with ALEXA. HELI, shot by Lorenzo Hagerman, won Best Director for Amat Escalante; OMAR, shot by Ehab Assal, won the Un Certain Regard Jury Prize; and ILO ILO, shot by Benoit Soler, won the Caméra d'Or.

Creating "The Pleasantville Effect" in FCPX | Larry Jordan | YouTube
Have you discovered the "Pleasantville" effect? This pretty cool effect allows users to keep a single object in full color while the rest of the shot fades into B&W. For more, check out this webinar excerpt from "How To Color Correct A Scene in FCPX"! 

How To Use Shape Masks in FCPX | Larry Jordan | YouTube
Trying to mask off the brightness of objects or areas in some of your shots? Learning more about Shape Masks can do a world of good. This webinar excerpt from "How To Color Correct A Scene in FCPX" shines some light on the subject!

Apple Announces New Mac pros (though shipping later this year)

Apple offers sneak peek at new cylindrical Mac Pro assembled in the USA | AppleInsider
The desktop also features dual workstation GPUs powered by AMD FirePro. That will allow up to 2 and a half times faster than the graphics of the last generation, capable of driving three 4K resolution displays on the new high-end machine.

Hell froze over: Apple previews new Mac Pro, video professionals rejoice? | Cinema5D
It looks like Apple relies entirely on Thunderbolt 2 (twice as fast as the current Thunderbolt) for expansion of any kind – even hard disks (it has flash memory built in, no hard disk drive). Expansion via Thunderbolt is a great idea, yet currently, there are very few devices available for that – it is possible to put some PCI Express cards into Thunderbolt housings but the solutions are very limited at this point. 

Apple reveal new 4K equipped Mac Pro suitable for uncompressed raw editing. Not just pro but genius! | EOSHD
Rather than have a fan and heat sink on every major component like in a PC, the new Mac Pro has a triangular unified thermal core at the centre with each component in contact with it on a different side of the triangle (via thermal paste). It then has a single fan to pull air through it. That is a genius design and surprising nobody else has done one on a desktop computer until now. 

Stop the CUDA panic! Adobe CC, Resolve, et al work fine on the new MacPro! | Philip Hodgetts
The preview of the new MacPro has, not surprisingly, polarized “the Internet”. It is however exactly the computer I thought Apple would produce for a new MacPro. Well, the tubular design was a surprise, but the lack of internal drive space, expansion slots were no surprise. But the lack of NVIDIA “cards” and therefore CUDA support, has alarmed many, quite needlessly.

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