Monday, June 10, 2013

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A little rain in my Pocket | John Brawley
John takes another look at the Blackmagic Design Pocket Cinema Camera, which is expected to ship at the end of July.
Using the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera with native m4/3 lenses I moved around pretty easily and unobtrusively.  Yes. The camera did get wet.  I tried to keep it dry, but it was inevitable.
I shot mainly at ISO 1600, but the first few clips were shot at 800.

BMCC prores test footage | Alex K Lin | Vimeo
The Blackmagic Cinema Camera (the original, not the upcoming 4K)
My take on it is that the BMCC certainly has its own look. I think although Canon has avery mainstream and popular color matrix, rendering beautiful blushy skintones, the BMCC has very naturalrendering of skintones and film mode makes you start coloring with a nostalgic desaturated look...

Product Review: Zynaptiq Unveil | Larry Jordan
Can you remove reverberation? Maybe with this plug-in:
As I was researching last week’s webinar – 3rd-Party Plug-ins for Final Cut Pro X - a reader suggested I check into Unveil, by Zynaptiq. I did, and what I discovered was that Unveil does the impossible: it removes reverberation recorded into a voice track.

Produced By: J.J. Abrams on Film's Future and his Love-Hate Relationship With Tech | Hollywood Reporter
He said in choosing film for Star Trek Into Darkness, he wanted to match the look of the previous Star Trek film. “Also with all the CG, it was important to me that it was as warm and human and analog as possible. It may not be obvious to many of the people who saw it, but I think it is more important than people know.”

How I Share and Send Files With Clients – A New Edition to My Arsenal – ‘MinBox’ | Nate Weber
I export from Premiere (or Adobe Media Encoder, FCP7, etc) right into my dropbox folder. This way it’s uploading the second it’s done exporting. Vimeo is connected to Dropbox now, so I can upload it from the Dropbox server to Vimeo’s server much faster than over my own connection. 

15 Tips for Producers from the Cannes Film Festival | Scott Macaulay
| Filmmaker Magazine
Learn how to collaborate. When I asked the five panelists at my American Pavilion panel what advice they’d impart to those starting out, Parts and Labor’s Jay Van Hoy, a producer on the Critic’s Week selection Ain’t Them Bodies Saints, said, “Learn how to collaborate.”

How To Build Trust With Your Documentary Subject by Michael LaPointe | YouTube
Interesting ideas on how to deal with interview subjects:

More on Adobe Creative Cloud

Apples, Oranges, & Creative Cloud: My Thoughts on CC | Jack Nack
Jack works at Adobe and offers his thoughts on the Creative Cloud:
We’d work our butts off to deliver every possible improvement, but when crunch time came, we’d have two lousy choices: either rush to finish a feature & make the release, or cut it, putting it 18-36 months from customers’ hands. 

An Update on Creative Cloud | Aharon Rabinowitz | All Bets Are Off Productions
Aharon attended an Adobe presentation and reports on their pitch for the Cloud:
Another area where Adobe is trying to accommodate us is in the area of being able to open our previous work, even if we are no longer paying for creative cloud. Nothing is set in stone, as they were just polling the audience, but they are clearly thinking about it. They asked us if it would be acceptable if, even after subscription lapses, we would be able to open and render out old work – and to even have the ability to make changes without saving them. 

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