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RIP Ray Harryhausen

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The Next Steven Spielberg Uses A Smartphone | Readwrite
Blackberry has teamed up with famed Sin City director, Robert Rodriguez, to create a short film using the new Blackberry Z10. Former Cannes film festival winner, Park Chan-wook, used a smartphone to film Paranmanjan - it won the Golden Bear for Best Short Film at the 2011 Berlin Film Festival. 

Filmmaking on an iPhone: What are the benefits? | Kristian Day | Zacuto
One of the finest products in the plethora of those that have flooded the market is the Zacuto iPhone Point N Shoot. On my television cooking show, Crowding the Pan, we shoot entirely on an iPhone 4S with a limited budget. This could be anywhere from zero dollars to $3000 an episode (depending on if someone is sponsoring us or not that week).

The Real Deal on Redrock’s “One Man Crew” | Crew of One
For interviews, this $1,495 rig looks interesting:
First and foremost, it turns out that the One Man Crew was NOT intended to compete for share in the slider market which Kessler dominates. Instead, it was designed to accomplish one specific function: to smoothly, silently and automatically maintain a continuously moving shot of an interview subject (or other “talking head”)

Dear Internet: Stop freaking out! | Twitter
Some of the many discussions about Adobe's new adventures:
Dear Internet: Stop freaking out! $360-$600 a year for everything is a lot cheaper than $1700 a year for one thing. #creativecloud

MōVI MR / M10 Update | Freefly | Vimeo
We did our best to answer a lot of the questions coming in about the MōVI M10 and MōVI MR in one fell swoop. More videos and detailed updates will follow soon.

Animating text in Motion 5 using a custom made behavior and keyframes |
One of the great things about Motion is the fact that there is a lot of power under the hood that gets overlooked by the majority of users. In this new episode of MacBreak Studio, Mark Spencer lifts that hood and shows an enthusiastic Steve Martin how to animate text using a custom behavior and the odd keyframe.

First Look: Rokinon 24mm f/3.5 Tilt-Shift Lens – Part 1 | LensRentals
This lens is also sold under the Samyang brand for $999:
It’s a bit unfair to compare the Rokinon with a $2,000 lens that is widely recognized as one of the sharpest tilt-shifts made, but that’s the most direct comparison. Since most people probably haven’t shot with the Canon 24 TS-E, I included the resolution numbers for the Canon 24-105 f/4 IS just to give a widely known comparison point. 

Watch this superb mini car chase | Top Gear
A bit violent, but fun:
This video is 100 per cent hand-crafted stop-motion animation, and shot 99 per cent in camera. Camera! The boys even made teeny little rigs (watch till the end - s'worth it).

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