Thursday, May 09, 2013

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The Independent Screenwriter: Larry Gross | Filmmaker Magazine
“The independent screenwriter” — is the term a tautology or oxymoron? While the word “independent” is often applied to directors and sometimes producers, it’s rarely seen appended to the job title of screenwriter. Is that because so many independent directors write their own scripts?

NBCUniversal: “Transmedia storytelling will be a part of Social TV” | IP & TV News
I might be an old codger, but aren't people tired of this yet?
Social TV will be equivalent to watching TV. The second screen, sharing with others as you watch, interactivity  – the “social” part of TV will all be part and parcel of the regular TV experience.

This week Kessler announced a simple add-on auto panning solution for their popular Pocketdolly and Cineslider. Essentially a bar attached to the slider that couples to a panning base on the slider – as you move the slider it can be configured to auto track a central point or point outwards for a panning shot.

After Effects News Notes #01 | ProVideoCoalition
In the last several weeks, Mylenium has written on a variety of possible issues some will face with the initial Cinema 4D features of the Next version of After Effects, which were discussed in-depth in details of CINEMA 4D integration with After Effects by Todd Kopriva. Mylenium has gathered his thoughts in a meaty post on the topic, cinelement, and added more in Fractured Reality.

AIFF, MP3 and WAVs — What’s the Best Audio Format for Video Editing in Final Cut Pro? | PremiumBeat
This is old, but worth remembering:
First, let’s get this out of the way: Final Cut Pro hates MP3. This goes for the new Final Cut Pro X, as well as legacy versions of the application.

Final Cut Pro X 101: Time Lapse Image Workflows | DoddleMe
In this Final Cut Pro X tutorial, Mark Spencer and Steve Martin discuss taking over 25,000 photos Steve took in San Francisco, and making some time lapse videos. Yep, 25,000! Time lapse is a lot of fun, and if you’re not shooting video at a slow frame rate, with the resulting video sped up, things get a little tricky with images.

Why is there a difference of image quality in Final Cut? | Larry Jordan | YouTube
Ever notice that the image quality differs when you look at an image in the Event Viewer and when you look at the same image inside the timeline viewer especially when playing back? In this Final Cut Pro X webinar excerpt, Larry Jordan shows you why this happens and offers a few other tips

Sky: ‘We’ll do 4K and Ultraviolet if there’s an opportunity’ | Recombu
While not confirming that Sky would be lanching 4K - aka Ultra HD - broadcasts and movie downloads any time soon, Rob Webster, commercial group director, Sky revealed that the company has been considering them.

Sony F65 captures the London skyline in 4K | HD Warrior
Televisual has teamed up with Aerial Director of Photography Jeremy Braben of Helicopter Film Services, Director of Photography Ed Moore, and grading artist Dado Valentic at Mytherapy to create this beautifully shot series of aerials of London. Filmed in 4K on a Sony F65, the footage was shot on a strikingly clear evening in mid-February and captures key London landmarks as you’ve never seen them before.

“The only thing I could think was that my unconscious had been working on the sketch and improving it ever since I wrote it. I began to see a lot of my best work seemed to come as a result of my unconscious working on things when I wasn’t really attending to them."

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