Thursday, April 18, 2013

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Blackmagic Camera Post Workflow | Derek Johnson | Hurlblog
In our second post on the Blackmagic Cinema Camera, we are going to look at some workflow options for getting both the CinemaDNG and ProRes files out of the camera and into the NLE of your choice. Keep in mind there are many factors that dictate how you will approach post workflow – storage space requirements, speed, hardware, software, quality and final delivery – just to name a few.

4K recording for Sony NEX-FS700 (two options) | F-Stop Academy
With an optional advanced firmware upgrade, the NEX-FS700E will output 4K bitstream data over 3G HD-SDI. The HXR-IFR5 interface unit has a 3G HD-SDI input and will transfer the RAW 4K data to record on to the Access Memory Card in the AXS-R5 recorder

Blackmagic took NAB by storm Sunday night when it slipped to attendees (and then the internet) that they would be showing a new generation of cinema cameras. As one booth goer I met said "they made cameras I didn't even know I wanted." Like many successful companies have done before, Blackmagic is pushing limits in terms of technologies, features and price, not giving us the products we want but the ones we didn't know we needed.

Adobe Premiere Pro: Link & Locate | Adobe TV
How to relink media in Premiere Pro:
Modern productions are built on hundreds (if not thousands) of clips. It's easy to lose track of files, proxies, and backups saved on multiple drives. Link & Locate helps you track down your clips quickly, making media management more efficient

Hot Tips for Filming a Cooking Show that Travels | Heather Giugni | Zacuto
Our show presents creative logistic challenges because our home base is in Hawaii, the most isolated archipelago on earth. Since each episode of Family Ingredients is filmed in a different location, we’re often gearing up for long flights and multi-day shoots in foreign countries. Whether you’re shooting in multiple states or different countries, here are some helpful tips for filming a cooking show that travels.

Dashwood Editor Essentials for Final Cut Pro, Premiere Pro, Motion and AE
| noiseindustriesllc | YouTube
Dashwood Editor Essentials is a set of utility plugins that can repair footage or do tasks that would normally require a lot of time and effort, can make all the difference in delivering your edit on time.

NAB 2013: Redrock Micro Cobalt GoPro Cage & One Man Crew parabolic slider
| NextWave DV
Brian from Redrock shows us their new Cobalt GoPro Hero cages for heavy-duty rigging of you GoPro Hero3 or Hero2. We also check out the One Man Crew parabolic slider for shooting great interviews with a small crew.

Mamoworld Interview - Treachery (Starring Michael Biehn) Eric Kirk | YouTube
And interview with describing the use of the Mocha Import+ tool. This was done on the movie "Treachery", a Michael Biehn, Jennifer Blanc Biehn film.

Why Filmmaking is Like Software Design | A.D. Calvo | Filmmaker Magazine
You’re probably wondering where the heck I’m going with this, right? Well, here’s the thing: I’ve found these same design principals apply to filmmaking. Think about it. A film has a visual design side (all of the aesthetic decisions for everything from locations and shot lists to one-sheet design), and it also has an abstract side (screenplay, narrative structure, editorial choices). 

What’s the solution? | Effects Corner | SCOTT SQUIRES
A discussion of possible solutions to the problems in the VFX industry:
I continue to see posts, tweets, etc that there must be other solutions. Solutions that are perfect and that solve everything. People have stated they are working on solutions and will be releasing these new solutions any day now.…

10 Tips For Kids Who Want to Be Filmmakers! : FRIDAY 101 | Indy Mogul
| YouTube
On this week's episode, Russell addresses the many, MANY young viewers who write in to our email, or ask us during the live show, "I want to be a filmmaker; What do I do?"

The Designer's Assistant
An informational site for film and television set designers, though there's only a few posts there at the moment:
Using Models For Discussions
This short clip is a great example of how important models can be in pre-shoot meetings. In this short video a Production Designer meets with the Cinematographer to discuss a problematic lighting situation for a large scale built set.

Glidetrack Carbon Crane
Glidetrack posted this tantalizing image to their Facebook page, but there's no other information about it on their website or anywhere else that I can find!

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