Monday, April 15, 2013

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Ep. 42 - "NAB 2013 Super Wrap Up" (with Matt Allard, Rick Macomber & Rob Ruscher) | NeedCreative Podcast
IN THIS EPISODE:In this 42nd episode of the NeedCreative Podcast, your host Paul Antico is joined by a fantastic panel of shooter/DPs including Matt Allard of Al-Jazeera English, Rick Macomber of CBS Boston, and Ron Ruscher of 522 Productions, who all report on their experiences at NABShow 2013. Matt and Rick in particular helped shoot over 60 video reports from the show floor (all available on, and Rob combed the floor as well for the latest in indie film production gear. This is all about gear this week, and it's a blockbuster.

Coloristos #11: "NAB 2013 Highlights" | Podomatic
In this Episode of the ColorCast, the Coloristos discuss highlights for colorists at NAB 2013, including DaVinci Resolve 10, SpeedGrade CS7, Smoke 2013, the Scratch 8 preview, Mistika 7.2, and the new Baselight One Deskside and Slate Control Panel.

More tech from NAB show | Chris Patmore | movieScope
Without doubt, the most intriguing is Freefly Systems’ MŌVI, which cinematographer Vincent Laforet is calling “a gamechanger”. Taking a completely different approach to the industry-standard Steadicam, it is a handheld digital 3-axis gyro-stabilised gimbal that can be operated solo, or with a second remote operator.

| Movie Machine
This has been compared to Super 16mm in terms of sensor size, features Cinema DNG recording with 13 stops of dynamic range – and can also record ProRes (HQ). Lens can be attached via an active Micro Four Thirds lens mount and, via adapters, many other lenses will also be able to be fitted. The camera is small and powerful and is expected to available in July, 2013 for $995.

Prime Lens for DSLR Demo with the Sigma 30mm 1.4 | Ray Ortega | YouTube
Prime lenses make for a great first lens or an additional to your kit of lenes. They give you the filmic look often desired by DSLR shooters because they can create really shallow depth of field (blurry backgrounds) through their large apertures.

Rick Macomber talks to Miller Tripods about their new Rapid Lock legs, which require only a quarter-turn to lock and unlock. Plus we get to see the inside of a fluid head. Complicated buggers, aren’t they? And if you’re in the heavy iron category, they’ve got a new Skyline 70 fluid head with a 150mm ball that will hold 82 pounds of camera.

Wi Audiolink wireless Rode Videomic pro test | DSLR Film Noob
More Wi Audiolink examples for those of you who wanted some more audio tests. In these case the transmitter was only about 6 feet away from the camera. It seems the best audio path when using the Wi Audiolink is to feed the microphone into the preamp then feed the camera output of the juicedlink unit into the transmitter. This provides the best audio to the wireless transmitter before it digitizes the signal and sends it to the receiver.

The New Digital Storytelling Series: Brett Gaylor | Filmmaker Magazine
In the sixth part of Filmmaker‘s interview project with prominent figures from the world of transmedia, conducted through the MIT Open Documentary Lab,  Brett Gaylor, Senior Director of Mozilla’s Webmaker initiative (including Mozilla PopcornMaker and Popcorn.js)  answers our questions.

Core Melt is working together with Imagineer Systems academy award winning program, Mocha, to provide FCP X users with rotoscoping and masking plugins.

NAB 2013: FRONTLINE Senior Editor Steve Audette | Avid | YouTube
Steve Audette has been making documentaries for nearly 20 years. With over 40 production credits, Audette's work has contributed to many Emmy Award-winning documentaries, as well as Peabody and DuPont Columbia Award-winning programs.

You can now buy a 50" 4K TV for $1299! | Freya Black | Red Shark News
The first wave of cheap consumer level 4k UHD displays is here. Tiger Direct in the USA are selling a Seiki branded 50“ UHDTV for only $1299! Now maybe 50“ is a little on the small side to take full advantage of the 4K UHD images but I’m sure these are still going to sell like hotcakes and it’s worth keeping in mind that we are only at the start of this wave of 4K technology.

Seven Rules for Managing Creative-But-Difficult People
| Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic | Harvard Business Review
1. Spoil them and let them fail: Like parents who celebrate their children's mess: show your creatives unconditional support and encourage them to do the absurd and fail. Innovation comes from uncertainty, risk, and experimentation — if you know it will work, it isn't creative. 

RED REEL 2013 NAB from Brian Rovanpera on Vimeo.

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