Tuesday, January 22, 2013

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Getting the Shot: Scenes from the Making of the Music Video, “Ready or Not”
| Michael Murie | Filmmaker Magazine
Filmmaker: How did you do the hood shot?
Macomber: Originally I was going to lie down on the hood, but there was nowhere to grab on to the front of the vehicle. And there was no budget so I couldn’t afford the suction cups.

Understanding Your New GoPro | ABE KISLEVITZ | Blog
A friend just bought a HERO 3 and has been struggling with the many image options it offers, so here's some help:
A few things need to be explained when talking about the technical aspects of video resolutions, framerates, and video quality.  In digital video there are a lot of different variables that go into what makes up the overall IQ (image quality). 1080P on a GoPro is FAR different than 1080P on an Alexa – and it’s not just the image sensor that makes it different. Processors in cameras are a huge determinant to how video gets from the sensor to the SD card. There are tricks and shortcuts that can be made to ensure the camera pumps out all the different modes we want in the end.

Which is the Better Value, Canon C100 or C300? Plus a Short Film Scene Shot with the C100 | Joe Marine | No Film School
Looks at Philip Johnston's review, as well as some other clips produced with the Canon C100:
With a few modifications, you can basically get all of the benefits of the C300, and save a few dollars in the process. It’s not clear what differences there are internally between the C100 and the C300, but at almost half the price, the C100 does most of what its higher-priced sibling can do — except for the missing slow motion options (even though with a little work it’s technically possible to somewhat replicate a 60p look using the 1080 60i setting in the camera).

Creating 3D Portraits Using an Array of Digital Cameras | Michael Zhang | Peta Pixel

Baeza began experimenting with the technique starting in 2003. He uses both film cameras and digital Canon point-and-shoots that have been modified with Canon Hack Development Kit (CHDK) firmware.

3D Plane Crashes and Charlie Victor Romeo | Matthew Kohn | Filmmaker Magazine
When we saw the demonstration of stereoscopic 3D camera technology, designed specifically for the recording of live performance, we were amazed and completely hooked. To have an opportunity to place the perspective of our film audience in the best seat in the theater exactly serves the requirement we require to make the Charlie Victor Romeo film as powerful and unique an experience as it is a live one.”

How to Get Producers to Beg You to Work | Evan Luzi | The Black and Blue
Step 2. Don’t Cause Any Problems On Set
Stay out of on set politics, be quiet and calm, do your job and do it well
As if pre-production isn’t crazy enough for producers, it’s followed by the swampy waters of production. And like getting stuck in the mud in the Bayou, production is often a dirty, uncomfortable, and slow process.

Premiere Pro CS6: Interface Secrets | Larry Jordan | Blog
With playback stopped, press and hold Shift+L in the Timeline or Source monitor and playback will start in slow motion and accelerate to fast forward.
Press and hold Shift+J and playback will start in slow motion and accelerate to fast reverse.

A Graph of New Camera Gear’s Perceived Worth Over Time | Roger Cicala
| PetaPixel
Okay, this is cute:
It is possible, depending upon which forums you visit, that a product follows both paths simultaneously – for example a new Canon camera will often follow path A on a Canon board, while following path B on a Nikon board. I suggest we refer to this as The Fanboy Uncertainty Principle.

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