Monday, January 21, 2013

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Review of the Canon C100 | Philip Johnston | HD Warrior
Philip Johnston puts together a video-only review of the Canon C100. He seems pretty impressed with the image quality that closely matches his C300.

Blackmagic Cinema Camera (Part 2) POST & Other considerations | Den Lennie
| F-Stop Academy
Den: [The Cinema Camera workflow] made me sell my 17″ MacBook Pro and buy a 15″ Retina Display one. I took the decision early on to get the infrastructure to support this. I bought FCP X about 18 months ago and didn’t really start using it ’til early this year, but I’ve embraced it fully, don’t even have a copy of FCP 7 anymore, and so I’ve realised to go down the Thunderbolt route – I’ve got a Thunderbolt MacBook Pro and an iMac, with the full Resolve setup on both machines – it’s very, very important that you have to get the right hardware.

DaVinci Resolve 9.1 – adds Retina Macbook Pro support | Cinema5D
In the newest update to the famous color correction software DaVinci Resolve, Black Magic Design has implemented support for Macbook Pro Retina displays among other features.
Also worth noting: Support for the new Sony F5 and F55 cameras has been added.

Canon U.S.A. Raises Awareness About Counterfeit Accessories For Digital Cameras And Camcorders And Promotes Consumer Safety | CanonRumors
Canon U.S.A., Inc., a leader in digital imaging solutions, has rolled out a consumer-safety initiative that will promote awareness of a consumer electronics industry-wide issue: the risks of using counterfeit accessories for digital cameras and camcorders, especially batteries and chargers. Counterfeit products are fake replicas of the real products, designed to take advantage of the superior value of the real product.

Once Upon a Time, There Was a Person Who Said, ‘Once Upon a Time’ | Steve Almond | The NY Times
I have since come to believe that these manuscripts reflect a more fundamental cultural shift. In evolving from readers to viewers, we’ve lost our grip on the essential virtues embodied by a narrator: the capacity to make sense of the world, both around and inside us.

Cutting the Cord | Ben Cain | NegativeSpaces
Wireless HD is finally here in a big way but with so many options now available, more on the way, and at so many different price points, which system is the right fit for your needs? This depends on many factors but among the current crop, don’t expect to find the perfect solution. At least not just yet.

Useful Tools for Editors: Welcome Back Home edition | Scott Simmons | The Editblog
One of my favorite blog categories / columns has always been the ongoing Useful Tools for Editors topic that has been a part of my coverage of our little industry since I began the Editblog many, many years ago. It was a part of my original site and then I moved it over to Studio Daily for a number of years. I'm no longer blogging for Studio Daily on a regular basis so it is time to once again move the Useful Tools for Editors column and bring it back home to the Editblog on PVC.

Five 3D Cameras Capture Panorama Images | DigInfo TV
"DIVE into World Heritage 3D,"exhibited by Panasonic at Digital Content EXPO 2012, is a system for creating panoramic images by shooting with five 3D cameras, then showing the images using five high-definition plasma display panels.

Lens Maker Thales Angenieux Recognized as a Living Heritage Company | Cinescopophilia
Cinema and broadcast zoom lens maker Thales Angenieux has received one of France’s biggest accolades by being recognized as a living heritage company. Founded by Pierre Angenieux back in 1935 the zoom lens maker now has a workforce of about 400 people.

Panasonic Shows off Working 4K Prosumer Camera at CES | Joe Marine | No Film School
Somehow this slipped through all of the news surrounding the CES show in Vegas, but Panasonic showed off a prototype similar to the Sony 4K camera we covered recently. This new 4K model was hooked up to a 4K display and is also capable of being connected to the 20″ 4K Windows 8 tablet they were teasing at the show

A client commissioned me to direct a commercial | Clients From Hell
ME: You’re saying that our commercial which involves a girl playing a piano has a girl who can’t play the piano?
CLIENT: You can fake it to music in post.
ME: What music, I haven’t had time to pick any music.

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