Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Should I Give Final Cut Pro X Another Try?

Last nights Boston Creative Pro User Group meeting featured Abba Shapiro giving a run down on the new features in the 10.0.6 update to Final Cut Pro X.

If you haven’t been following Final Cut Pro X’s evolution, the latest recent upgrade featured a number of UI changes and enhancements, many of which seem to address the complaints that many Final Cut Pro 7 users had when they first tried Final Cut Pro X:

Want a preview window as well as a Timeline viewer? FCP X now offers that as an option.

Had problems with multi-channel audio? FCP X now lets you Expand Audio Components and start adjusting the individual channels.

Frustrated that FCP X didn’t remember the In and Out points for a clip once you start working with another clip? Now FCP X remembers them for you!

Found the Magnetic Timeline a little frustrating? Now you can put clips beyond the end of the timeline – it actually inserts a blank slug. You can also move clips that are linked, without having the linked clips move.

So on the face of it, a lot of the little things that drove me to distraction when I first tried FCP X now appear to have been “fixed.”

And, there’s several other enhancements; selective pasting of attributes, Improved Export (Sharing) options – including the ability to create a batch export -, and the ability to export a Range of a project, as well as individual clips. What’s not to like?

Of course the problem is that in the mean time, I’ve spent the last couple of months slowly coming to terms with Adobe Premiere Pro CS6. Do I really want to go back now and spend some time trying to learn FCP X? Because even though I think they’ve addressed a lot of the issues I had with FCP X, it’s still a very different UI to what I’ve been used to. And I’ve just spent time learning one new NLE.

Still, it does demo well.

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