Tuesday, November 13, 2012

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A Portrait of Stockholm | Den Lennie | F-Stop Academy
Shooting with the Blackmagic Cinema Camera and Zeiss lenses:
Why Zeiss?
Several reasons really; I like the metal construction as this makes them extremely durable. The ZF .2 are Nikon mount and have built in aperture ring which really does make a tremendous difference when exposing because you can adjust the aperture ring smoothly rather than in stepped increments when using Canon less with electronic iris control. I had two fader ND’s a Heliopan 77mm and a Genus 82mm and a series of adaptor rings for each lens. I’m also using a cheap nikon to canon adaptor that I bough at B&H earlier this summer.

Blackmagic Cinema Camera post workflows | Oliver Peters | digitalfilms
After Effects offers another solution. You can open CinemaDNG image sequences, make adjustments with its camera raw importer, and then render out final, graded movie files. Naturally, plug-ins like Magic Bullet Looks add more options for custom styles.

2012 Boston SuperMeet with Ang Lee editor, Tim Squyres | Chris Portal | Blog
Other highlights of the evening included Kanen Flowers discussing his workflow producing comedy shorts for Scruffy.TV, and the New York City Diamond Brothers who shared their experience using the new Black Magic Cinema Camera under a variety of setups (with and without light setups; handheld documentaries; interior and exterior shoots; etc.), which reiterated the many features (and limitations) of the BMCC that have been documented by many on the web.

After Effects Preset: Rolling Shutter Fix | Brent Pierce | Cineblur
So, to address this inevitable problem, I’ve created a free After Effects preset that fixes it. Simply apply the preset to your footage, and adjust the angle to “straighten” your footage.

If no one watches the stuff you’re going to produce, then is there any point in making it? There are hundreds of filmmakers who face up to this demon every single day. Indie film by 2012 has become echo chamber-like. It’s also, incidentally, one of the primary reasons Ted Hope moved from New York to San Francisco to take up the helm of the San Francisco Film Society. He just couldn’t work out how to earn a living from his work anymore.

Ep. 21 - Broadcasting with Brian (with Brian C. Weed) | Need Creative Podcast
In this 21st episode of the NeedCreative Podcast, your co-hosts Paul Antico and Jason Sidelinger were joined via Skype by special guest Brian C. Weed in Los Angeles to discuss the latest news in independent filmmaking. Then we talked about experience shooting with HDSLRs and the Canon C300 on "Last Call with Carson Daly" for NBC, as well as his other experiences including working on a Hollywood set with Joss Whedon (The Avengers, Firefly). 

PURVES / TCHAIKOVSKY | DragonFrame | Blog
The challenge for Tchaikovsky was not only to make a very limited budget go a long way, but also to try to get a respectful flavour of the man and the music in just thirteen minutes. We could only afford one puppet and one set, and that certainly will dictate how you can tell a story. Sometimes such limitations do force creativity.

How to Make a Lower Third in After Effects: Bammo VFX Tutorial | bammo
| YouTube
Want to learn how to make lower third graphics for your videos? In this episode of "Bammo Basics," Ryan shows you the best way to use After Effects to make your graphics, no matter how simple or complex you want to do it.

Creating Reports in Adobe Story | Adobe
Story has powerful automated report creation built-in. This episode shows you how to set them up.

Half of YouTube's original video content partners won't make cut | Steven Musil | C|Net
About a year after the video-sharing site launched an ambitious program to challenge the cable industry by investing $100 million into the development of dozens of new YouTube channels, many of those channels will not receive a second round of funding.

Report: Foxconn Could Be Building Large 4K LCD TVs for Apple by Next Year
| James DeRuvo | Doddle
There’s a new report out there that Foxconn may be gearing up to start building 4K Ultra HDTVs for Apple up to 130 inches in size by next year. The report is based on a statement by FoxConn VP Jeng-wu Tai that the Apple gadget manufacturer will be building LCD panels based on Sharp LCD components. And with Apple recently throwing a life preserver to save Sharp’s flagging TV business, it looks more and more likely that we’ll be seeing elite based iTVs by next Christmas.

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