Monday, October 08, 2012

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Post workflow for the Blackmagic Cinema Camera | Frank Glencairn
I was always a sucker and evangelist for an uncompressed workflow till delivery. I did that (whenever possible) since over 12 years now, starting back in the SD days, on the advent of the first Decklink cards. Having said that, uncompressed recording was prohibitive cumbersome for most projects (though I did it on some higher end stuff) and usually I had to start with some compressed camera format, that I converted to uncompressed before I worked with it.

Southwold shot on the Black Magic Cinema Camera | Den Lennie | Vimeo
I shot this in a couple of hours on a day out to Southwold in Suffolk.
This was the first shoot I ever did with the #BMCC. I used a Sigma 8-16mm lens a Canon 16-35mm f2.8 and a Canon L 70-200mm zoom. I shot RAW and converted the files to ProRes Proxy using DaVinci Resolve. I then edited it in Final Cut ProX and round tripped the XML back to Resolve 9 for the grade. I relinked the xml to the original CinemaDNG and graded using the RAW files.

Blackmagic Cinema Camera & CINIPRO – A marriage made in heaven
| Administrator | Blackmagic User
Taking the BMCC up in a remote-controlled flying rig:
The balance and form of the Blackmagic Cinema Camera with its 200mm Canon lens was in perfect harmony with the CINIPRO’s 360 pan and tilt gyro stabilised gimbal. Weighing in at a combined weight of just 2.6kg for the camera and lens configuration, the CINIPRO effortlessly demonstrated the cameras potential. Flying for just over 8-minutes the Blackmagic representative decided his nerves couldn’t take it anymore, and reluctantly we had to land the system.

Reader Question: Are there any rules of thumb to “locking down” your script?
| Scott Myers | Go Into The Story
5. Read your script out loud: This is a great exercise as saying and hearing your words aloud allows you to get a different take on what you’ve written. If something doesn’t flow easily across your lips, rewrite it. If you start to feel yourself losing interest in the read, stop right there and look at the sequence in question. Does it need a punch up?

RED Wins Emmy for Improvements to Large Format CMOS Imagers
| Cinescopophilia
RED Studios along with Arnold & Richter Cine Technik (ARRI), Canon USA, and Sony Electronics will receive the Technology and Engineering Emmy Award for Improvements to Large Format CMOS Imagers for Use in High Definition Broadcast Video Cameras.

Sony F65 Camera Is Behind the Scenes For New CBS Series “Made In Jersey”
| ProVideoCoalition
The new CBS legal drama “Made in Jersey” is the latest high-profile production to showcase the capabilities of Sony’s F65 CineAlta camera. The production team for the new show is using up to six F65s at any one time, taking advantage of every aspect of the camera – from image quality to low-light performance to workflow flexibility.

SciFi Film Tears of Steel releases its Digital Assets | FilmmakerIQ
Tears of Steel is a crowd funded film by users of the open source software Blender. The film itself, and all raw material used for making it, have been released under the Creatieve Commons 3.0 Attribution license. Visit the website to find out more about this, or to purchase the 4-DVD box with a lot of extras.

MyPrice Automatically Calculates Your Rate for Side Jobs and Freelancing
| Alan Henry | Life Hacker
The app lets you calculate rates per project, based on all of the tools, qualified and experienced help, and supplies you'll need, whether it's a place to meet with clients, a phone line, office supplies, software, and so on. You'll have to tell the app about yourself first so it can get a feel for your needs and lifestyle, and then go on to set up your individual projects, along with the things you need.

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