Thursday, October 11, 2012

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Keanu Reeves talks about shooting with the ARRI Alexa Studio Camera:
"The camera was just out of beta and I wanted to test its limits," says Reeves, qualifying his comment about "breaking" the Studio. "We've been shooting in water, high temperatures, dust, using strobe effects, really pushing the camera - it's been getting a good workout! ALEXA is easy to work with and very well-made."

Interview with Cira Felina Bolla | BandPro
Shooting with the Sony F65:
I’m most impressed with the F65's color-space, sensor and latitude. I'll explain: its ability to hold information in the highlights up to 2 ½ stops over and up to 3 stops under in the shadows without degradation; no noise in the Blue channel; or any of the other layers. No other HD camera has been capable of this until now. This is how today's properly exposed film behaves.

Sony F65 Gives a New Life to ‘Evil Dead’ | Digital Media World
DP Aaron Morton and DIT Hugh Calveley talk Sony F65 and their remake of ‘Evil Dead’.
"There is something about the fine detail that felt really natural and more like a film's random grain, rather than a grid of horizontal and vertical lines. Because of the massive over-sampling the level of detail is amazing and it looks sharp and rich, without looking over-sharpened."

The DMPC tour brings 4K technologies to you! | Sony
If you are interested in the Sony F65 workflow, the DMPC tour is coming to New York, Atlanta, New Orleans, Boston and Chicago:
The DMPC "On Location" Tour takes our training on Sony's groundbreaking F65 CineAlta™ digital motion picture camera – and the production workflows supporting it – to your location. Get a comprehensive overview of the technology, workflows and screenings that make up the DMPC experience.

Tips for Scheduling Video Interviews | RON DAWSON | Dare Dreamer
Pick up the phone when necessary. I know it’s easier to just send emails to everyone, but some people get hundreds of emails a day. If someone you’ve emailed has replied by the follow-up email, pick up the phone and call him/her.

Sony HDR-AS15 Action Cam Open Box Video. Slow Motion QT Video | Jared Abrams
| YouTube
We all claim to hate them, but people keep watching them:
Here is a painfully slow open box video for the new Sony Action Cam, I had to shoot it in slow motion! :) The Sony Action Cam HDR-AS15 has a ton of great features that simply blow away the Gro Pro 2. Built in WiFi and full HD at 30fps and 1280 X 720 slow motion 2X and 4X or 60 and 120 fps effective, makes this the ultimate sports camera.

Bluestar Eye Cushions – a little bit of luxury for your face | Paul Joy
Until recently none of the Bluestar Eye Cusions would fit the C300 but that’s been resolved now with the introduction of the ‘Extra Large Oval’ size. As you can see from the photo above it’s a perfect fit. I’m over the moon to have a little bit of comfort back with the C300.

VFX goes international | Haz Dulull | RedShark news
While California (which at one time was the Hub of VFX work) continues to struggle with no tax incentives to offer, the artists start to suffer too with a lack of work - and are forced to travel further or relocate.  States like Louisiana attracted a lot of productions since the inception of its tax relief scheme and cost effective location shoots, and smaller studios have even started cropping up around that area to make good use of the favourable conditions.

Do documentaries need to be fair to both sides of an issue? | Noel Murray
| The A.V. Club
Let me clear: I am in no way saying that documentaries about hot-button issues need to remain neutral or objective. One of the biggest problems with the news media today is that in the interest of fairness, reporters give both sides of a debate equal weight, even when one side is either lying or crazy

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