Friday, September 14, 2012

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The Year Sony Kicks Ass | Michael Britt | PhotoCineNews
Some people are thrilled by Sony's new full-frame camera announcements, the A99 DSLR, NEX-VG900 camcorder and RX1:
The full frame Sony Alpha A99 DSLR style camera is everything you’d expect from a company trying to dethrone the 5DMkIII. Full frame sensor, check. Amazing OLED electronic viewfinder, check. Great low light performance, check. 6 Frames per second capture rate, check. Uncompressed video out via HDMI (like the MarkIII should have had), check. Microphone and headphone monitoring jack, check.

Sony NEX-VG900 Lens Sample | Focus Pulling | Vimeo

Sony NEX-VG900 Lens Sample from Focus Pulling (.com) on Vimeo.

IBC2012: Blackmagic Cinema Camera |  FilmTVVideo | YouTube
Stuart Ashton, Director EMEA at Blackmagic Design, explains the concept and the handling of the Cinema Camera from Blackmagic Design.

Tamron's new full-frame lenses: 90mm macro, 70-200mm tele
| Stephen Shankland | C|net
Tamron's new 70-200mm lens has 23 lens elements, including one extra-low dispersion element and four low-dispersion elements to cut down on chromatic aberration. It weighs 51.9 oz (1,470g), is 7.4 inches (188mm) long, has nine aperture blades, and has a close-focus distance of 51.9 inches (1.3m).]

Turning a Slider into a Small Orbiting Dolly | Sean Meehan | Cross River Pictures
The slider was mounted onto my tripod, with the camera, rods and follow focus mounted directly onto the carriage. Rather than locking off the tripod and simply sliding back and forth, I came up with a way to create an orbiting effect by panning the fluid head as I slid the camera back and forth on the Pocket Dolly. 

Roger Deakins’ Digital Odyssey Not in 4K | Studio Daily
Some thoughts on Roger Deakins at IBC:
It is the relative merits of 2K vs. 4K resolutions in both acquisition and digital cinema distribution and projection that gives this debate its context here at IBC. On the opposite side of the ring sit manufacturers like Sony, with its F65 camera and CineAlta 4K digital cinema projector, and RED, with its boundary-pushing 4K and 5K cameras and developing 5K laser projector.

Is That a Glockenspiel? | Nicholas Britell | Slate
Slate has hosted a series of columns with different writers discussing the merits of the movie 'Sneakers'
Instead of simply emphasizing the fact that the police are about to catch Cosmo—with, for instance, pulsing drum percussion and sustained, ominous strings—the music presents us, right from the outset, with a set of more complex emotions. There is something melancholy in the air, something regretful. We begin to understand the relationship between Cosmo (who gets caught) and Martin (who escapes) in a way that would be completely lost had the music simply reinforced what was already clear on the screen.
Other entries include:
Entry 4: Wow, Dan Aykroyd can dance. | Julia Turner
Entry 1: Celebrating the endlessly rewatchable and amazingly prescient caper film on its 20th birthday | John Swansburg

Frenzy | Nick Wrigley |
Nick discovers serious problems with the credits in the latest re-issue of Hitchcock's Frenzy:
Bad practice, lazy, revisionist, disrespectful, fraught with potential catastrophe which has indeed backfired through sloppy execution. They’ve used unintelligent apostrophes and quote marks which smack of desktop publishing (post-1985) rather than a 35mm film from 1972; they’ve misspelt “fictitious” as “ficticious” and mucked up two crew members’ names.

Why I Am Done with Traditional Publishing | Richard Harirngton
Prolific author Richard Harrington is giving up on the traditional press:
So its time I make a change. I have decided to stop writing new printed books. I will no longer write new books for traditional publishers (including my current publisher, Peachpit Press). It is time to embrace the digital platform and do the project that are important and essential without the constraints traditional publishing brings.

FREELANCE FINANCE: Tips on how to do business and accounting as a freelance filmmakerIndie Filmmaking from an Indie Filmmaker
Tips and links:
  • Dues to professional societies.-YOUR FILM SOCIETIES THAT YOU’RE IN
  • Home office or part of your home used regularly and exclusively in your work. -THIS ONE GETS A BIT TRICKY, so make sure to have “seperation” between your home office and your living space

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