Tuesday, September 11, 2012

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JUST C IT ! (EOS C100) | Sebastien DEVAUD | Vimeo
The promo movie for the new Canon C100 proves that if you use a common element in all the shots of your movie, you don't need to have a coherent story. Though why is that guy shooting with a Canon XA10 on the beach, rather than the C100? That's the one thing I don't understand:
Earlier this year, i was contacted by Canon Inc to create a new exclusive film for the worldwide launch of the new EOS Cinema camera : The EOS C100Given the difficult task awaiting me, I decided to call upon and challenge the C’brothers to highlight and validate the strenghts of this new technology…Join the new C generation !Just C it ! was shot with three C100 bodies and 12 EF lenses. AVCHD compress recorded on SD Card
You can see the behind the scenes movie here: Sample Movie | Canon Japan

Canon to Nex adapter with AF | EOSHD Forum
Link to a video showing a Canon EF to NEX E-Mount lens adapter that includes Auto Focus control. Of course, there have been promises of something like this for over a year from other developers.

Three Developments in Post I’m Watching (From Afar) at IBC | Scott Simmons
| StudioDaily
Scott describes the three things he's watching from IBC: Adobe Anywhere, RED Meizler Module, NVIDIA Quadro K5000 for Mac:
I don't think Adobe Anywhere was a total surprise. Collaborative video editing is an important tool as we move into the future of video editing. But while watching a preview of this upcoming technology I was struck by how simple it is going to be to use once it ships (probably as a part of CS7). Adobe is clearly pushing Premiere Pro front and center with the Adobe Anywhere technology

What's a Kickstarter's responsibility if the project isn't completed?
Interestingly, the creator’s legal responsibility to his or her backers concerns the rewards, not the project itself. A failed project for which the creator sent out all the rewards couldn’t prompt a legal challenge from a backer. But a project whose rewards were tied to the production itself, a project that didn’t send that DVD of the finished film, or the signed Polaroid from the first day of shooting, or the private screening for the $5,000 backer — that project could place its creator in legal jeopardy.

19-Year-Old Director Emily Hagins Talks 'My Sucky Teen Romance,' Making Movies About Teenagers & More | Benjamin Wright | The Playlist
“Right now, even at 19 if I made 'Pathogen,' I would make a completely different movie based on the way I view middle school now – as opposed to the way I viewed middle school when I was in middle school,” she continued. Though the most important insight into the teenage experience are the smaller details. “What I like about teenagers is the genuine awkwardness, and kind of taking advantage of those little moments...

Avid Supports New Standards and Provides Flexibility with the Pro Tools|HD Native Thunderbolt Interface | Avid
Avid today announced the new Pro Tools|HD Native Thunderbolt interface, delivering the lowest latency and the highest sound quality of any host based audio workstation for Thunderbolt technology equipped CPUs. The Pro Tools|HD Native Thunderbolt interface brings the industry-standard Pro Tools HD toolset and premium conversion of Pro Tools HD Series interfaces to a broader group of customers who use a laptop or other computer with Thunderbolt technology, at a great value.

Sony announces new pro audio suite for OS X | Mel Martin
| The Unofficial Apple Website
Sony says the software is not a port of Sound Forge for Windows, but was built from the ground up to support OS X. "People who work on audio editing platforms recognize the need for a fresh option in the marketplace, one that's built for OS X as opposed to something that's simply been ported over,"

Sony Professional - IBC 2012: Bringing 4K one step further
| Sony Professional Europe | Vimeo
Sony's Peter Sykes gives his update on developments in 4K for the Sony IBC2012 video blog.

Sony Professional - IBC 2012: Bringing 4K one step further from Sony Professional Europe on Vimeo.

Top Ten Tips to Improve Your Cinematic Compositions | Gustavo Mercado
| Mastering Film
4. Have a clear understanding behind the narrative function of your composition. A good storyteller knows how to emphasize certain moments in a story and details in a frame. It is imperative that you understand the dramatic purpose behind the moment you are capturing so that you can arrange the visual elements within the frame accordingly. Ask yourself: what do I want the audience to get out of this particular shot and how can I make it express that?

Fuji To Cease Motion Picture Film Manufacturing By End Of The Year
| Nancy Tartaglione | Deadline
Fujifilm won a Sci-Tech Oscar this year for its contribution to motion pictures, but Deadline hears the division of the company that produces motion picture film is set to close by December 31.

TIFF Review: 'A Liar's Autobiography' Is An Imaginative But Not Wholly Satisfying Biopic Of Monty Python's Graham Chapman | Drew Taylor | The Playlist
A whole host of animation styles and textures are used – traditional 2D animation, Flash animation, sophisticated 3D animation, and wonderful combinations of any and all of the above. For animation freaks like this writer, it's an embarrassment of riches.
Of course, the problem arises when you really want to know who Graham Chapman was, as a person and a comedian.

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