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Extending SpeedGrade with SpeedLooks | Eric Philpott | Adobe
A short interview with Jeff August of LookLabs, who sells these LUTs for SpeedGrade, and will be giving a free webinar on the 16th:
What are SpeedLooks?
SpeedLooks are specially designed LUTs which emulate the look of film. They are based on Fuji and Kodak film stocks and they give images character instantly.
What gave you the idea for this?
For a long time I’ve tried to give a unique look to interlaced video. I wanted my shows to look different from the way broadcast looked – to give video a more filmic personality.

More Canon C300 CP's! | BrianCWeed | CinemaEOSUser
Some Picture Profiles for the Canon C300:
TRUvid2 was designed to be bright, vivid, & punchy (but not in a cartoony way like you get with EOS Std); for when you need to deliver right away and you know there won't be time for color work. TRUcine looks great out of the box w/ nice DR, really hangs on to the highlights & will grade very well. And TRUlog is for when you need a color-accurate c-log profile that doesn't skew the greens to cyan, maintains solid reds, and also keeps the blues in check a bit more (although, I do find that aspect of the CINEMA profile often very pleasing).

FCP X: Avoid Lion Slowdowns | William Hohauser | Larry Jordan Blog
Running apps in full-screen mode is not such a good idea...
Activity Monitor did not show anything out of the ordinary so I downloaded the program atMonitor to monitor the video card. What I saw was that full-screen apps can absorb up to 70% of the VRAM even though you are not on the particular program. This was clearly conflicting with FCPX and slowing things down.

The Future of Film | Lori Kozlowski | Forbes
This article isn't abut film, but are notes from a panel on the future of the film business:
Tercek: After a few years of intense debate, the results are now in, and the skeptics have been proven wrong. Social media exerts a decisive impact on the success of Big Media launches, from music to games to motion pictures and T.V. shows. In every step of the motion picture business, from the earliest creative exploration and initial research, through casting and set design, through principle photography and after the theatrical release, savvy filmmakers have learned to take advantage of this powerful channel of communication to build a direct link to their audience.

Court Rules Embedding Video Is Not Copyright Infringement | Ted Johnson
| Mashable
The court ruled Thursday that embedding a video that infringes on copyrighted material is not a violation of copyright law. For example, if you found an episode of The Simpsons on YouTube and embedded it in your blog, you would not be violating any copyright laws. That holds true even if the person who uploaded the video ripped it straight from The Simpsonsseason 3 DVD. However, the person who uploaded the video is in violation of the law

Vincent Laforet in New Zealand | Canon
Filmmakers/Photographers in New Zealand will have a chance to see Vincent this month at a talk in Auckland on the 27th and two workshops; Auckland on the 28th and Wellington of the 29th:
This is one of the founding reasons why Canon New Zealand are bringing Laforet to conduct two highly anticipated full day workshops (Auckland 28th and Wellington 29th August). Laforet will share a variety of cinematic techniques that are common in all films, and will also provide the tools and rules for filmmaking so attendees can craft the most important part of any film – storytelling.

New Podcast Series - Industry Insights | Den Lennie | Blog
Den, Bruce Logan and Mick Jones have started a new podcast series. The first episode topics include:
  • The culture of “wanting and waiting”
  • How important is the camera?
  • Is Film Making the new rock and roll?
  • Does Social Media build your business?
  • The power of people and collaboration.

EGO REVIEW | Philip Johnston | HD Warrior
The Liquid Image EGO [$179.99, they should be available shortly] is another little action camera. This one has Wi-Fi capability (though the video stops transmitting once it's in recording mode!) Philip likes it, but would like to see some improvements:
The first thing that must be updated is the ability to have manual iris/exposure, this one feature would enhance this wee camera ten fold as it has a tendency to close down at the hint of any skyline.
The battery lasts about 30mins max when filming 720 60p which is not very good as you can’t replace it when it goes down.

Kinefinity Dives Into the Sub $10K 2K Category with KineRAW | James DeRuvo
| DoodleMe
A collection of information and clips of this Super35-chipped camera from China:
One thing is certain, the price of 2K and 4K cameras are dropping like a rock every time a new camera enters into the market. This time, it’s the Kinefinity KineRAW, which offers 2K RAW resolution from a Super 35mm sized CMOS sensor.

Matthew Robertson: Filmmaker with Over 30 Million Views (X180-078)
| RON DAWSON | Dare Dreamer
Podcast interview:
His videos have over 20 million views. They have been spoofed and attacked due to their provocative content. His email is blowing up because of it. He has so much work coming in, he dropped out of school. Yeah…school. He’s only 20!

Getting started with Adobe Speedgrade (The interface Part I) | SpliceNPost
| YouTube

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