Friday, August 03, 2012

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SpeedGrade for Aspiring Colorists: A Color Grading Primer for Editors | Adobe
Thursday, August 16, 2012 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM US/Pacific
I sat in on a SpeedGrade webinar before getting the software. I've since launched the program and become confused, so I'm actually looking forward to seeing how to use the program!
Aimed at editors who want to add color grading to their workflow, this seminar will start with a look at the color correction tools in Premiere Pro and then move on to provide a primer in the powerful color capabilities of Adobe® SpeedGrade™ CS6. Open the full dynamic range of your footage and learn how to manipulate light and color to craft picture-perfect results. Now part of Adobe Creative Suite® and Creative Cloud, SpeedGrade gives you the power to push your stories further. Sign up for this live Ask a Video Pro session with award-winning editor and colorist Jeff August to learn more.

Adobe Premiere Pro: Applying Audio Effects to Multiple Tracks | Clay Asbury
| Premiumbeat
This is from a month or so back, so I might have linked to it before, but I wasn't really paying attention to Premiere then. Now I am:
Using Premiere Pro’s workspaces save you time in that they set up a layout suited to specific tasks. In this instace we’ll want to work with the Audio layout.
Go to Window > Workspace> Audio. This workspace rearranges the layout, with the Audio Mixer on a tab with the Source Window and the Project top left.

Animate Chapman | Competition
A competition sponsored by Adobe (win a copy of Adobe Production Premium Suite.) Make an animation based on an audio clip of the late Graham Chapman:
In celebration of the new 3D animated feature film "A Liar's Autobiography - The Untrue Story of Monty Python's Graham Chapman' a global animation competition is being launched, sponsored by Adobe to bring Graham and Monty Python's hilarious sketches to life. This is your chance to animate the world renown British comedy troupe Monty Python in your own unique style.

Davinci Resolve V9 '5 things I like in 5 minutes' | icolorist | Vimeo
Warren talks about 5 of his favourite features. Filmed in Sydney during a break in shooting his latest online classes for FXPHD.

Green Screen Production Quick Start | Richard Harrington | Blog
When preparing to record a subject in front of a green screen, it is important to find the correct lighting and backdrop. Once you have the green screen set and a test subject lit, you are ready to record and key your new background in post-production In this episode, Rich demonstrates several techniques to keying in Adobe After Effects.

FCP X: Effects with Light | Larry Jordan | Blog
Three different effects in Final Cut Pro X:
Vignette works by darkening portions of the frame. Spot works by lightening portions of the frame. However, used carefully, you may end up with a more pleasing vignette effect using Spot than vignette.

When Starry-Eyed Dreams Confront Harsh Realities | IMAHNI DAWSON
| Dare Dreamer
Thoughts on acting, and not being able to do it:
To inhabit the spirit of an imagined person is hard. It’s humbling. It’s no longer about you. It’s about them. This is why my respect for actors is so great. They allow us to see into an aspect of human life that would be hidden from us otherwise. The people who are truly grieving or living their great and strange lives would never allow an audience in the room.

The Origin and Idea | joerubinstein | Digital Bolex
A little bit of history of the Digital Bolex project:
There has been a lot of good writing about how “concept is king” and I don’t intend to dispute that, but I feel like the best products come from a harmonious relationship between the craft and the concept. This sounds obvious, but how many times on set have you heard “If the audience is looking at the ____ we failed to do our job as story tellers”?

How to Clean Your Lens and Filters Properly | Allan Weitz | B & H Photo Video
Smudges and fingerprints take a bit more effort, and here too, you should be as gentle as possible. Start by taking a soft micro-fiber cloth or a piece of lens tissue (folded, not bunched up), breathe onto the lens surface (never dry-clean a lens) and gently wipe the lens surface in a circular motion. Repeat if needed using a fresh piece of lens tissue or clean portion of the micro fiber cloth.

Embracing Limitations to Drive Your Creativity | Peta Pixel
Here’s an interesting TED audition by artist Phil Hansen, who speaks on embracing limitations (both natural or artificial) in order to drive your creativity. While Hansen isn’t a photographer, many of his ideas should be very relevant to photographers looking to give their work a kick in the butt.

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