Tuesday, June 12, 2012

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Canon C300 Tips for DSLR Filmmakers | Ron Dawson | Dare Dreamer
Ron offers some tips for using the C300:
The C300 comes with shutter speed defaulted to shutter angles. So instead of setting the speed manually to 1/48, you choose a shutter angle of 180, and it’ll make the correct shutter speed adjustment for you. But, if for whatever reason you want to achieve a different look and need to change the shutter speed, but you’re not familiar with dealing in “angles,” you can change the C300 setup to display shutter speed.

Canon EOS-1D X Manual Posted | CanonRumors
The manual for the upcoming Canon EOS-1D X is now available online

Apple announced - as well as didn't announce - several updates today:

Apple quietly discontinues the 17-inch MacBook Pro | Nathan Ingraham
| The Verge
...the company quietly did away with one of the long-standing veterans of its notebook lineup: the 17-inch MacBook Pro is no longer available. You can still buy a refurbished model on Apple's store (there's quite a few different configurations), but the computer has been removed from the regular store as well as all of Apple's MacBook product pages.

Do You Really Need The New MacBook Pro? Probably Not | Buster Heine
| Cult of Mac
A look at the advantages of the new MacBook Pro [B&H: $2799], and whether you need it:
The new MacBook Pro is crazy. It’s mind-bottling. But it’s not for most consumers because not everyone is a professional who needs to wring out every last drop of performance from their computer. Most of us use our computers for storing our pictures, listening to music, surfing the web, creating documents in Word or Excel, downloading videos, and creating a short video to post on Facebook every once in a while.

New Macs! Also Timescapes, the first film to be released for purchase in 4K and now native to the new retina macbook pro in just under 3k! | Philip Bloom
Philip offers his thoughts:
On the topic of that a real shame that the incremental improvements of the MacPro pretty much sum up where Apple is heading for pros. Minor speed increases, no new graphics card. Literally the same old mac with a teeny bit more oomph. Not what was needed after 2 years of zero love. I love me an Apple and my MacPro has lasted longer than any computer I have owned and pretty much most of my girlfriends (joke) but it has been switched off and replaced by a top spec iMac for the past 6 months.

One More Thing! Mac Pros are Dead? | Danny Greer | Premiumbeat
With a surprise minor update, both sides of the "Mac Pro is dead" debate seem to have been disappointed. So is the Mac Pro now dead? Who knows!
Although they were not announced at WWDC, new Mac Pros have been added to the Apple Store. It’s been nearly 2 years since the latest Mac Pro update and these latest versions are simply incremental updates. The new Mac Pros get a minor speed upgrade. That’s appears to be it – no Thunderbolt and no USB 3.0.

Tall Computers | Stu Maschwitz | Prolost
Folks make moving pictures for a living have been eagerly awaiting—and debating the likelihood of—a Mac Pro update. This non-update update does little to squash the debate. Is this a placeholder bump while Apple readies the “real” new Mac Pro? Or is this the death knell for the Apple’s tower line?

Diffusion for the Digital Age: The Use of Glass Filtration | Shane Hurlbot | Hurlblog
Using real glass to add filtration:
Filtration Rules
Typically, the rule of thumb is to use heavier diffusion when using a wider lens and a lighter diffusion when going to a tighter one, pretty much like the net being stretched looser or tighter. So for a 24mm, I would use a number 2 SFX. Then on the 50-85, I would use a number 1 SFX. For anything above a 100mm, I would use the number 1/2 SFX.

Free Cinema 4D Student Version | Maxon
Now free for students:
As of June 11, 2012 MAXON introduces the free CINEMA 4D Student Version in selected countries worldwide. MAXON will offer both a completely free version called CINEMA 4D Sudent and the very affordable CINEMA 4D Student/Teacher version. This makes MAXON's revolutionary tools affordable for students, teachers, colleges and universities, and lets them unleash their creativity in new dimensions.

What Excuses Are Holding You From Making Your Film? | Grant Peelle
| Dare Dreamer
Tips on making your own movie:
Excuse #4: “I don’t have budget to advertise my work…”
As we just talked about, I assumed that without an existing audience I would need millions of dollars in an advertising budget to reach people. What I’ve come to realize is that word-of-mouth has always been (and always will be) the best advertising.

Canon 650D Audio Monitoring Solution for DFSLR Shooters: Yes DFSLR
| Cinescopophilia
Audio monitoring when there's no audio-out plug:
Designed as a headphone monitoring interface between preamps, field recorders and DSLR cameras. Many recording devices and preamps have only a single Line Out jack. This jack is used to monitor with headphones or to connect to a DSLR. This cable allows users to go directly from the audio recorder into the camera and also monitor with headphones, creating a compact & elegant interface solution.

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