Friday, October 14, 2011

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Sony NEX-FS100 Nikon & Sony 18-200mm Lens Comparison | DerranNL | Blog
A comparison of the Sony E-Mount 18-200mm f/3.5-6.3 [$799.99] - the standard lens for the NEX-FS100 - and the Nikon AF-S DX NIKKOR 18-200mm f/3.5-5.6G ED VR II [$849.95]. Interestingly, both lenses have their uses (and don't forget the Sony is $100 cheaper if bought with the camera...):
In short: I prefer working with the Nikon lens over the Sony lens, when there's more time to setup my shots. And I prefer the Sony lens over the Nikon lens when there's less shooting time (for Run and Gun work). Further more, I would have no problem editing shots of both lenses together in a single project. Actually, it would be rather difficult to tell them apart.

Sony F3 on location for a new Olympics 2012 film | Robert Hollingworth | Blog
Robert has been shooting with the Sony PMW-F3 and the new Hybrid Glidetrack, and likes them both:
The F3 is superb; lovely image quality, low noise and incredible dynamic range even when recording to native 35mbps XDCAM EX codec. It’s a knock-out. I have yet to shoot the F3 with S Log or Nano Flash / Gemini (or any 444 recorder), but it can only get better. new .75m Hybrid Glidetrack arrived this week and went straight out on the Olympic shoot with the F3. Wow. It’s incredible. The motion of the sledge on the track is silky smooth and the smaller size means it mounts perfectly on sticks (Sachtler 18) with no dipping at either end, even on the relatively heavy F3. The production value it adds is wonderful, but the speed of rigging and wrapping with the new smaller length and Hybrid sledge means it’s much more effective and useful on quick shoots. I love it!

Sony F3 test | bobby gunawan | Vimeo
Nice video shot with the Sony PMW-F3 and Ariiflex 16,24 & 85 lenses, and an iGus slider, shot at the Petak 9 Temple Jakarta - Indonesia.

D|Matte Clip-on Matte Box Review
| Rod Clark | HDSLR Shooter
This review also includes a short video overview, and judges the D\Matte to be "alarmingly inexpensive without being cheap":
The D|Matte is a professional quality clip-on style matte box designed specifically for use with HDSLR cameras. The D|Matte is very well thought-out and combines a variety of features that make it ideal for its intended mission.

Panasonic GH2 gets AVCHD Intra at 176Mbit! | Andrew Reid | EOSHD
A hack that jumps the GH2 from it's standard 24Mbit to 176Mbit means 1 minute of footage is about 1 GB of data!

DaVinci Resolve Mac 8.1 Update | Blackmagic
This update adds FCPX roundtrip support.

iOS adds 1080p Support
The 1080p support had been previously reported [MacRumors: iOS 5 Opens Door to True 1080p Apple TV] but it's great news that this support seems to extend to video from DSLRs
Just found that iOS5 on the iPad2 now plays 1080p video imported from my Canon 60D with the SD card adapter :)
- @eriktier | Twitter

Film Directing Tips | Peter D Marshall | ActionCutPrint
A large collection of interesting filmmaking tips, including:
Two actors have to walk from Point-A (a hallway) and finish their dialogue when they reach Point-B (an elevator or a door). A quick way of deciding where they must begin (in the hallway) is to have them start walking FROM Point-B to Point-A. Where they stop (finish their lines) is where you can start them for the scene.

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