Tuesday, October 11, 2011

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Noktor 12mm F1.6 Micro Four Thirds hands-on with GH2 | Andrew Reid | EOSHD
This lens is expected to be released in December for $499, and Andrew has his impressions after playing with the lens, and a Q&A with SLR Magic:
Build is good, all metal and just the right torsion on the focus and aperture ring. The aperture ring by the way is de-clicked out of the box which is ideal for video shooters. It is continuously variable and very smooth, and the iris has 12 blades so bokeh stays perfectly creamy and round when you stop down. (Just like a cinema lens, so it is perfect for the GH2 and AF100).

The fully integrated twin-lens 2D/3D camera recorder, HDC-Z10000, showcased in Japan for the first time! | Panasonic | Blog
Some pictures of the new 3D camcorder:
It is AVCHD 3D/Progressive compatible, has a new lens with "nano surface coating," a new "crystal engine PRO II," and dual 3MOS sensors, which all enable you to shoot high image quality FULL HD 3D images. It boasts the industry's shortest close-up range of approximately 45cm for 3D macro shooting, so it would be interesting to shoot not only the landscape, but also subjects such as flowers and insects close up.

Sneak Peaks From Adobe | Adobe | YouTube
Last week was AdobeMax, and Adobe previewed some interesting technology, including:
Video Meshes
Taking video and adding 3D information to it so that you can further manipulate the video (jump to 2:00 for the interesting bits!)
Photoshop Image Deblurring sneak
The video itself needs some unblurring, but judging by the reaction, another impressive demo!

Next EOS not a 1Ds4 or 5D3…. could be a 1D Mark 5? [CR2] | Canonrumors
Seems the Canon rumors are going crazy; now there's reports of a possible DSLR announcement on October 18th.

Sensor Artifacts and CMOS Rolling Shutter | Barry Green | DVXUser
The strengths and weaknesses of the CMOS sensor:
There are four main characteristics sensors may exhibit. CCDs can suffer from vertical smearing on bright light sources, while CMOS sensors are immune to that artifact. But CMOS sensors (equipped with “rolling shutters”) can exhibit skew, wobble, and partial exposure; CCD sensors are immune to those effects. And a CMOS sensor with a “global shutter” would also be immune to them, but since no current CMOS camcorders are equipped with global shutters, a camcorder buyer needs to be aware of what the implications of a rolling shutter would be.

Sony F3 fun with slow motion | Justin Ho | Vimeo
A Sony PMW-F3 at 60p 1280x720 with a Zeiss 50mm f1.4 "filming a pro mo video for my friend's band, this is just some un-color corrected footage of one of the many random events that happened during the trip."

Sony NEX-FS100 E-Mount | Morris Hill Pictures | Vimeo
It's hard to see in this clip, but:
I've had my FS100 for a few months. I just noticed that lens mount moves slightly, at least the outside chrome ring does. Does your FS100 do the same?

$199 Schneider Optics iPro Lens System For the iPhone 4 | Cinescopophilia
With the iPhone 4S going to an 8 MP camera, and 1080P, maybe spending $200 for add-on optics does make sense!!

Kodak Bankruptcy Rumors | Image Sensors World
Kodak's in financial peril but sell their patents may not be easy unless they declare bankruptcy:
Some potential bidders for the patents are wary of proceeding because a purchase may amount to a so-called fraudulent transfer if Kodak is insolvent.

Movie★Slate 3 and the MamboFrame finally arrive! | Hand Held Hollywood
Report on the new version of the Movie★Slate 3 iPad app, as well as the MamboFrame, which adds real sticks to your iPhone slate (for $379!!)

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