Tuesday, May 10, 2011

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Image Control
This iPad app from Gamma & Density, is designed to let someone create color correction values on-set, and then send them to the post-production team. Might be worth using for the pro's, though at $400, I won't be getting it! (the app is not yet released)
Hand Held Hollywood: Image Control For IPad Does On-Set Color Correction

Crowd Sourcing
Tim Clague at Projector Films offers some tips for those considering crowd sourcing, and how to appeal to your target investors emotions:
Whatever approach your film takes, I think it is wise to consider the emotional reasons why people would invest. What are the deep reasons why they would help you to make your film? Are you giving them the right things back to meet those emotional needs?
ProjectorFilms: Why people will invest in your film.

Working with DSLR Footage in Premiere Pro
Mark Christiansen walks though the steps involved in working with DSLR footage in Premiere Pro, from Preview and Ingesting, to Edit and Conform/Prep
It’s when I started to work with a variety of clips together that I really began to appreciate the speed and flexibility of the Mercury playback engine, whether or not I was on the CUDA-enabled system.. Just like in After Effects, you can create a sequence whose setting match that of a source clip by dragging the clip icon to a new sequence icon, all in the Project panel. It’s not even a big deal, like potentially destabilizing the whole application, to mix and match formats and frame rates.
ProVideoCoalition: Premiere Pro for DSLR in a few easy steps

The Power of The Visual Medium
A short piece at FilmmakerIQ reminds us that it's possible - and often desirable - to convey emotions, motivations and even intentions through visual short hand rather than long exposition:
And that’s what I mean when I say “Unleash the Power of your Audience” – don’t shove “emotion” at an audience and expect them to care – supply the audience with triggers for emotion and they will bring it to the film. Tap into that well of common shared experiences that we all have and you can truly move your audience.
FimmakerIQ: Unleash the Power of Your Audience

RAW Timelapse
Tom Baurain provides a video tutorial for creating time-lapses from RAW using Adobe Bridge.
One of the reasons I love camera RAW is that you can recover a lot of detail, and there's really a lot of flexibility in post for timelapse.
VimeoRAW Timelapse Workflow Tutorial

More Indie Filmmaking tips from Edward Burns
The Screenwriting from Iowa blog collects together tips from Ed Burns on Indie filmmaking, based on the director's commentary of Nice Guy Johnny:
6) Don’t mourn what you don’t have & ask lots of favors.
fromiowaThe 10 Film Commandments of Edward Burns

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