Friday, April 29, 2011

Push Pop Press Digital Publishing on the iPad

When Apple released the iPad, I kept expecting them to come out with some way of authoring digital books (other than the ePub format supported by iBooks.) I thought they might create something like iWeb, but for creating interactive content.

Well, nothing so far, but a small company created by some ex-Apple employees has come up with something.

Push Pop Press describes themselves as a publishing platform. Little information is available about the authoring tools, or what they'll charge for them, but they do have an actual title out; Al Gore's Our Choice.

The choice of book is interesting not because of the subject matter, but because Al Gore is on Apple's board.

You can see a demo of the book in this TED talk:

Push Pop Press TED Talk from Push Pop Press on Vimeo.


UPDATE: I played with the app and have written about it here.

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Bill Kizorek said...

What Push Pop is doing is futuristic, cutting edge, functional and fantastic. I have been mired in the process of converting my latest published book into an enhanced video e-book, understand the newness and complexities of the process, and am dazzled at where Push Pop is now. How about the blowing of the windmill? Wow. Outstanding. Bill Kizorek, CEO, Two Parrot Productions