Saturday, April 30, 2011

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Sony NEX-FS100 review
Alister Chapman - with the help of Den Lennie - does a video review of the Sony NEX-FS100, and compares it to the PMW-F3. He doesn't really care for the kit lens, and notes that while the LCD panels of both cameras is similar in resolution, the FS100 has an extra layer over it for the touch sensitivity, which may have been one of the reasons why they tended to over-expose the footage on the FS100.
One thing we discovered, not mentioned in the video is that when you use a full frame lens, like the Nikon 50mm. You must ensure that the E-Mount adapter you use has an internal baffle or choke. If it doesn’t you will suffer from excessive flare.

If you don’t need 10 bit 4:2:2 then it is hard to justify the additional cost of the F3, both cameras really are very good. Despite some other reports else where I felt the build quality to be very good and the buttons, while small, are big enough and well placed. If you do want autofocus then you will be pleased to know that it actually works pretty well on the FS100 with only minimal hunting (of course you must use an AF compatible lens).
XDCAM-User: Updated notes for FS100 – F3 Video Review.
YouTube: Sony FS100 and PMW-F3 side by side tests

Technicolor's CineStyle Hands-on
More people have had a chance to play with the new Picture Style for Canon EOS cameras, and are posting their thoughts and results.

Paul Antico at Need Creative writes:
The bottom line is that based on what i see, this profile offers a notable improvement in picture detail in the shadows. And based on what I have seen on the following links, it does so even better than any "super flat" profile before it.

I recommend you use this profile to gain more latitude from your images out of your Canon HDSLR.
Paul's posted a video sample on his blog too.
NeedCreative: Hands On With Technicolor's New CineStyle Picture Style For Canon HDSLRs

Zach at Zach's Camera blog tried it on his Canon T2i and compared it to a Superflat picture style and found real differences when under and over-exposing images:
For Underexposure: We can see that the Technicolor Cinestyle has more detail in the shadows on the unprocessed image. Also looking at the corrected images, the Cinestyle held its color better and has less noise.
When overexposed, the Superflat lost all sharpness, but the Technicolor Cinestyle not only kept all sharpness, it kept all its color as well and actually produced a usable image.
ZachsCamera: New Picture Style from Technicolor

There's also a review in Korean at NetworkedBlogs: Technicolor CineStyle

And if you haven't already, read Vincent Laforet's post about the it, and download the Picture Style.

Using the Panasonic GH2 with the Atomos Ninja
Using the GH2 with external recorders has proved difficult for a lot of people. Jehu Garcia of Jag35 has posted a video recorded with the Ninja, but notes:
Unfortunately the GH2 does not output 24p but 60i and from what i've been told its not easy to do pulldown out of it. so no luck, I will test shooting 60p tomorrow and see how that goes.
Vimeo: GH2 Vs Ninja ProRes422

Netflix CEO Reed Hastings Interview
Reed Hastings offers background on the evolution of the company and his secrets for success:
Target a specific niche: When there's an ache, you want to be like aspirin, not vitamins. Aspirin solves a very particular problem someone has, whereas vitamins are a general "nice to have" market. [The Netflix idea] was certainly aspirin.
CNNMoney: How Netflix got started

Grauman's Chinese Theatre being sold
Warner Bros. and Paramount Pictures parent Viacom Inc. have signed an agreement to sell Grauman's Chinese Theatre to movie producers: Don Kushner, executive producer of "Tron: Legacy," and the entrepreneur Elie Samaha.
LATimes: Grauman's Chinese Theatre to be sold to movie producers

Making of "Thor"
There's no explanation or description but this collection of behind-the-scenes clips from the movie "Thor" is kind of interesting. You see quite a bit of Kenneth Branagh directing. Anyone know what this movie is about?
Making of: 'Thor' On-Set Footage

Nikon Do Video Please
Sam Morgan Moore at Dslr 4 Real has written an open letter to Nikon:
If Nikon do not produce decent video I will switch to Canon
From 1985 to 2008 I bought 15 nikon bodies and maybe 25 lenses.
Since 2008 I have bought two canon bodies and two Canon lenses
Nothing from NIkon
Dslr4real: Dear Nikon

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