Monday, November 08, 2010

Other People Talk About The Sony PMW-F3

Paul Joy at takes apart all the pictures of the F3 and notes the individual buttons dials and jacks [Not the rocker switch - should work well with those fixed lenses they're selling with the camera package!]

Dan Chung at DSLR News Shooter points out that the camera is actually an F3 mount with a PL Adapter (something I hadn't noticed.)

David Fox at the UrbanFoxTV blog writes:
...for anyone who just wants the 35mm shallow depth of field look, then the price of Panasonic's AF100/AF101 at €4,900 (list) makes it more appealing (especially given the high cost of SxS media compared to SD cards). However, the Sony has a bigger sensor (exact dimensions haven't been released, but it is probably about 30% larger), so it will give even shallower depth of field – similar to a much cheaper, but feature-limited APS-C sensor HD DSLR. For all practical purposes, the more efficient AVCHD codec of the AF101 at 24Mbps will at least match the older MPEG-2 compression at 35Mbps used by the F3.

Art Aldrich at
At a $20,000, I would have to think about this camera vs something like a Red. At $5000, the AF100 seems like a no brainer. Would I like to see better features from Panasonic? Yes. Do I expect them in the AF100 for $4995? No. If Panasonic shows something more like a Varicam with large sensor at NAB, around the $20,000 price point, with P2 and AVC-Intra, I would be very happy

Dylan Reeve at Crews.TV:
Broadly speaking it could be summerised as an EX3 with a big sensor, as it shares a lot in common with Sony’s earlier EX cameras. It has a larger sensor but natively records Sony’s XDCAM EX (35Mb/s Long-GOP MPEG2 4:2:0) – it even has the same LCD as the EX1R.

Sony are pitching it as “an ideal B-camera for high-end feature film production” as well as a great option for music videos, indie films and commercials and they’re probably right – it seems to offer some pretty solid features.

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