Monday, November 08, 2010

MacBook Air

Wow! Just saw the new 11 inch Apple MacBook Air[Amazon] at the Apple Store. What a small sexy beast that is; when closed up it's surprisingly similar in size and shape to the iPad; though definitely a bit thicker on one side. I spent a little time playing with iMovie on it, and was seriously impressed. If I didn't already have an iPad, I'd be mighty tempted to get one!

But I already have a 15" MacBook and an iPad, and adding a MacBook Air to that collection doesn't make sense. One would have to go.

The 15" MacBook I use for video editing, and while it was okay to use the Air for a bit of fun with iMovie, I don't want to use something that small for day-to-day use. And while the iPad can't do everything the Air can, I do like it for taking notes at meetings. I like the fact it doesn't open out into something double it's size, and it doesn't cost almost $1,000. On the other hand, if I seriously wanted to type long passages in a meeting, the Air might be the thing. But while the iPad's screen based keyboard isn't perfect, it is totally silent!

So I'm not going to get a MacBook Air....but I was awfully tempted!

Mac Stats
On a Mac note: looking at my site stats, I was a little surprised to discover that 39% of the visitors are Macintosh users, while 52% are Windows users. Add in iPhone, iPad and iPod users, and it's almost 44% Apple. I know I run quite a bit of Final Cut related stuff, but I'm surprised it's that high!

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