Saturday, October 23, 2010

News from Here & There

More on the Panasonic AG-AF100
Peter Parnham at has been spending some time with the Panasonic AG-AF100, and one thing he's found is that - in the limited tests they've performed - using the AG-AF100's HD-SDI out to capture video doesn't give much image improvement compared to using the camera's AVCHD compression. It's unclear whether that's due to the test (which didn't include much motion) or because the AG-AF100 only puts out 8-bit video out the HD-SDI port. AVC Codec Curveball

Meanwhile, El Skid writes that he wants to hate the AG-AF100 because it threatens to kill the DSLR revolution.
I want to hate it, because it is the moment the DJ announces the last song, it’s three minutes of extra time, it’s the recess bell. The video community will go back to being the video community and the stills community will return to being the stills community, just now with moving image attached. Why I want to hate the Panasonic AGAF101

And over at EOS HD they offer an interview with Shane Hurbut and 5 reasons why DSLRs are here to stay; form factor, cost, fast-moving product cycle, ubiquity and photographer buy them anyway. Cynics might point out that Sony and Canon are perfectly able to refresh they consumer camcorders every year or so, and how long was it between the 5D and the 5D Mark II? Still, DSLRs aren't going away anytime soon...
EOS HD: Video interview with Shane Hurlbut and 5 reasons why DSLRs are here to stay

Sony NEX-VG10
Kai W at DigitalRevTV takes a look at the Sony NEX-VG10 and describes it as "A nice step-up from their Handicams....", though "it hasn't got that many functions" he does note the many limitations of the camera. Note too that the other footage was taken using a Canon 5D Mark II.


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