Monday, October 18, 2010

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What are Picture Styles?
Not sure what Picture Styles do? The 5D Mark II Team has a tutorial.

If you're shooting video, and will be able/plan to color correct in your editing application, you should follow the "final tip" and use a flat picture style.


Cheap lens or cheap Camera?
DigitalRevTV asks the question; Which is best, an Expensive camera with a cheap lens or a Cheap lens and expensive camera? and then takes a Canon 1D Mark IV with a Sigma 28-300mm f/something (3.5-6.3) and puts it up against a Canon 550D (i.e. Canon T2i) with a Canon 24-70mm f/2.8L.

They were looking at still photos rather than video, but it was still a surprise to me that the 550D was so good that the lens differences were more important that the differences between the cameras.

A video test, would make the differences between the cameras even less noticeable as so much of the image is thrown away.

From personal experience, I really think that when you're starting out you should still buy the best lenses you can; the lenses you can then move on to the next camera. Buy a cheap lens, and when you replace that first camera with a better (or new) one, you'll find you'll be looking to replace the lenses too!


Panasonic AG-AF100
It's coming! And the unboxing videos can't be too far away... (okay, maybe two months away...)

But until then, we have to make do with bits and pieces from trade shows. And here's a video from MacVideo.TV. The really interesting thing about this one for me is that I finally clearly saw the size of the thing relative to "people" and it's tiny! Well, relatively. I thought it would be HXR-NX5u sized, but the AG-AF100 is quite a bit smaller.

As the presenter says, it looks like Panasonic - before Canon or Nikon - has done "what we all wanted" and put a DSLR sensor in a video camera body.

MacVideo.TV: Large Sensor Video Camera: Panasonic show off the AG-AF100/AG-AF101

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