Thursday, August 19, 2010

New Redrock Nano DSLR rigs

Redrock has a page up with their new nano DSLR rigs, which range in price from the $107.50 Grippit to the $467.00 RunningMan. The Stealth, Stealth Grip and RunningMan all include a body pad support, with the latter two including a handle grip.

nano Stealth

It's almost impossible without trying them to figure out which of these might be the easiest/most comfortable to use, though I'm now more intrigued by the nano- Stealth. I suspect that in most situation's I'll have my left hand on the lens for focusing, and putting the right hand on the camera seems natural both for steadying the camera as well as having it ready to adjust aperture and shutter on the maybe a handle-grip isn't necessary.

Your mileage my vary...

nano RunningMan (notice the handle!)

Redrock: nano DSLR rugs

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