Thursday, August 19, 2010

New Cameras

Nikon has announced the D3100, which adds 1080/24 and continuous contrast-detect autofocus to Nikons entry-level DSLR. Of course, how noisy it is while focusing, and what the rolling shutter is like remains to be seen. Of course, I'm heavily invested in Canon gear at this point, so I guess I should hope it's not very good, but the better Nikon and others do, the more it will drive Canon to improve their next camera.

Speaking on Canon's next camera, no D60 announcement ( now says next week, but I don't believe them) though they did announce some new Powershots.

Sony also has new Alpha cameras coming, including the  Alpha A33, which is quite small compared to the NEX cameras, as DigitalRev points out.

[UPDATE: yesterday Canonrumors said August 26 is when the embargo on the 60D will, "the EOS 60D will be available on September 22, 2010" Of course, both statements may be correct; it may be announced on the 26th and available September 22nd...]

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Arlen said...

I know you're kidding but it's worth hoping that the Nikon rocks. Competition in the form of better features at a lower price is usually a good thing for the consumer as it prompts the other companies to get off their butts and deliver...