Thursday, May 06, 2010

Valentine to the Marshall LCD70XP-3GSDI

At Wide Open Camera Jason Wawro has a short video and article about the Marshall LCD70XP-3GSDI 7" monitor, a cool little beasty that will run you $1,200 or more depending upon the options.

An external monitor is an excellent alternative - or even adjunct - to the optical viewfinder options for SLR cameras, and have both plus points and minuses:
  • they are easier to work with in many situations; you don't have to have your eye right behind the back of the camera while shooting
  • extra features like screen markers, false color and peaking can be useful
  • BUT they are large (and require some kind of mount or rig to attach it to)
  • expensive
  • and the HDMI port on most SLRs isn't the securest way to connect a monitor in the field.
WideOpenCamera: Marshall Monitor Review

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