Thursday, February 18, 2010

Sony HDR AX2000 review

Moshe Lehrer has written a hands-on review for the B&H Newsletter. It's a good overview of the camera, mainly explaining how it works and it's many features and functions.

He seems to like the camera, though he noted problems with auto-focusing in low light, and didn't seem to think that the optical stabilization was any better than that found on other cameras (which is a bit of surprise since Sony added something new; the "Active" stabilization.)
Right out of the box, the camera shot wonderful video in automatic mode. Zooming in was smooth, colors were natural looking and the autofocus worked fairly quickly,; though in lower light situations, it sometimes took a little while to get a sharp focus.
The optical image stabilization seemed to be on par with most other cameras in this range. Definitely acceptable. No complaints there.
In well-lit rooms, the images were colorful and well defined. Because the AX2000 can shoot in as little as 1.5 LUX, images were clear and surprisingly vivid even in darker rooms. As the room got darker, more noise became visible but the resulting video was more than satisfactory.


Japieson said...

Do you know if the LCD can flip the image vertically for 35mm adapters?

mchgtr said...

I'm not exactly sure what you're trying to accomplish. I think the image on the flip-out LCD will turn upside down when the LCD is turned forward.
The operating manual is online here:

Japieson said...

35mm adapters (DOF) turn the image upside down and thus the image recorded on tape/stick is the wrong way around. Some manufacturers include a flip unit, but that kills more light. Some cameras offer the LCD flip, that switches the images vertically for viewing, but still one need to switch it back when editing. The Manual doesn't mention that option, neither on the NX5.

Check "upside down issue" here