Friday, February 19, 2010

Canon 7D Workflow

In addition to the comparison of CF cards, there's a couple of other interesting blog posts on the _mxr blog:

My 7D workflow
Outlines using MPEG Steamclip to recompress clips from the Canon 7D to ProRes for editing in Final Cut Pro.

Cineform for 7D
Outlines shooting in "neutral" profile and then importing using Cineform's NeoScene compressor. It seems he likes the way Cineform handles the image conversion better, but this method also mean's he's taking an extra recompression step (from H.264 to Cineform to ProRes) to get the best performance in Final Cut Pro.

I'm perhaps most interested that he prefers using the "neutral" profile compared to using a "flat-look" profile (which a lot of other shooters have been advocating):

[the] “flat-look” profile for your camera, which basically eliminates contrast by lifting blacks and crushing highlights when the camera sensor processes the image before compressing it. After playing around and testing for several months now, my opinion is that this is not the way to go, since the image will get very muddy, lose micro-contrast and detail.

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