Friday, May 23, 2014

Vimeo does Copyright and Other News

Vimeo Adds Copyright Protection | Anticipate Media
I was not surprised that Vimeo has announced a new copyright protection system. It's a necessary thing, really. I was however surprised that it will flag even private videos. These videos often contain temp music that will never be made public until purchased.

Staff Blog / Copyright Match on Vimeo | Vimeo
Keep in mind that Vimeo can’t tell you for sure whether your work would qualify as fair use. You must make that determination for yourself and at your own risk. However, we will do our best to help you understand the four factors, and if you can present a strong case for fair use protection, you’ll be better protected from claims of copyright infringement and have a stronger case for appeal.

Review and Approval options for Video Pros | Pro Video Coalition
If you search for the word “private” in the comments of that Vimeo blog post you’ll see many, many complaints from creators and editors that clients won’t be able to give feedback on cuts and music choices. And they are not happy. This is because many creators use Vimeo private links as a review and approval service for clients to look, give feedback on and approve cuts. It is drop dead easy to upload to private Vimeo links and it’s included in the price of a pro Vimeo account.

Other News

Canon USA Announces EOS C300 Autofocus Upgrade Availability | Canon Rumors
The upgrade provides a new Continuous AF (Autofocus) Function for all Canon EF autofocus Lenses, using Dual Pixel CMOS AF technology. A new AF Lock setting also lets you change the image framing while holding the desired focus. These critical focusing capabilities are designed to help reduce out of focus video while providing for smooth focus transitions and assist users when operating with small crews.

Are Filmmakers Using Drones Illegally? Looks Like It | All Tech Considered
This drone-for-hire operation is illegal according to federal regulators, who say that with very few exceptions, drones cannot be used for business until guidelines are in place for air safety and privacy. The FAA even issues a myth-buster fact sheet to debunk any misconceptions.

Check Out the New Zoom H5 Handy Audio Recorder | FStoppers
With many features you will find on the flagship H6 microphone but for more than $100 less, the H5 employs a system of interchangeable input capsules, allowing the best microphone to be used for every recording situation

The Ultimate POV Shootout | Creative Cow
In this review, I'm going to tackle all of the "name-brand" cameras available out there. This article will not provide the answer to "which camera should I buy?" The range of criteria is so broad that the question is beyond the scope of a single review. This review will provide information about which action-camera is best suited for specific criteria and provide information that may help you make informed purchasing decisions.

Creating and Importing LUTs for the Sony F5/F55 | AbelCine
In the video above, I show how to create both 1D and 3D LUTs in Sony’s Raw Viewer software and then import them into the camera. It’s a tricky process, so make sure to follow all the steps. In addition, many people like to work in DaVinci Resolve, so in the video below I show how you can create LUTs in Resolve and edit them to work properly in the F5/F55.

Quickly Swap Lens Mounts on Your Canon Cinema Zooms | AbelCine
Once the UMS Conversion Kit is installed by one of our factory certified lens technicians, the user can easily switch between various lens mounts in the field. Our lens technicians replace the factory EF or PL mount with our UMS Conversion Kit, which allows users to quickly swap between PL (included with the UMS Conversion Kit) and the IB/E Universal Mount System Mounts (available in Canon EF, Nikon F, Sony E, Sony FZ, and MFT mounts).

Sony UWP-D Wireless | B & H Photo
Rives highlights the key features of the systems, including the multiple battery and charging options, digital companding circuitry for improved transient response, pilot tone squelch suppression, channel synchronization, camera mounting options, interchangeable microphone capsule options, and backwards compatibility with UWP-V wireless systems.

First test in Central Park w/BMPC4k from somnang vann on Vimeo.

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