Thursday, March 13, 2014

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“The Delivery” Short Film – A Product of a Blackmagic Production Camera 4K Test | Planet 5D
Adrian Tanner sent us this very nice Blackmagic Production Camera 4K ‘test’ he shot a couple of weeks ago. Pay attention to his description of shooting this as a one man band and shooting it without a ton of accessories.

4K video was a theme that was front and center at this year's Consumer Electronics Show. Retail electronics manufacturer's are starting to roll out the early stages of 4K video hardware. There are large screen TVs capable of displaying 4K resolution.

Focal Reducer comparison on the Pocket Cinema Camera | Ruben Kremer
Recently I took a gamble and bought a 0.72x focal reducer from an eBay store called Roxsen. It's the RJ Focal Reducer. Unlike the Mitakon Lens Turbo, this one fits without any trouble at all. Last weekend I got around to giving it a field-test whilst shooting a video for a client - an exclusive car rental agency here in the Netherlands. 

New and improved Canon 7D raw video with the Mosaic Engineering VAF-7D anti-aliasing filter | EOSHD
In my opinion the Canon 7D is currently the best budget solution for shooting raw video. There’s plenty of used bodies going for $750 on eBay here – and that is practically a steal for 14bit raw video from a Super 35mm sized sensor… Stills camera is a mere bonus!

Anatomy of the Filmmaker: Ondi Timoner | The Non-Fiction Cartel
Ondi devotes all she’s got to getting the story.  However long it takes, she’ll stick around to witness it unfold and then some. “I wanted to shoot life thoroughly as it was happening so I could recreate it for people,” said Ondi of her first big feature Dig! (2004), “I wanted to shoot a drama that unfolded.”

Red Giant’s New Effects Library and Community – Universe | Filmmaker Magazine
Visual effects software developer Red Giant today announced the public beta of Red Giant Universe, a new environment for building as well as distributing filter and transition effects. The effects and transitions are GPU-accelerated, work on both Mac and Windows, and support After Effects, Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro X and Motion.

Sign-up for a webinar...not clear when it is, or if you just get a replay of something that is canned:
Shooting documentaries in hostile environments | Sony Europe
Unpredictable situations like conflict zones present a big challenge to any programme maker. Here’s what you’ll learn in this FREE webinar:- Get the right shot under pressure when anything can happen- Explore Sony’s latest tools for field-based acquisition & workflow, from the latest PMW camcorders to the new wireless adapter CBK-WA100 & field gear PMW-50.

Zacuto Accessories for the Canon C300/500 | B & H PhotoVideo
Zacuto has recently announced a new Z-Finder and two different types of top handles—the Helmet ColdShoe Handle Kit and the Helmet Tapped Handle Kit—designed specifically for the Canon C300 and C500. These new products will join Zacuto’s existing line of C300/500 accessories, which already includes the Studio Baseplate, the Gorilla Baseplate, the Grip Relocator, the ENG Grip Relocator, and a variety of rig bundles. The new Z-Finder and handles are also accompanied by a new mounting system.

Think Crowdfunding Is Just About the Money? Now It Can Be Your Ticket to Distribution | No Film School
In 2014, a new, exciting can of worms is being opened as crowdfunding platforms gear up to help projects get distributed. In one corner, you have Vimeo who will work with Kickstarter, Indiegogo, and Seed&Spark. In the other corner, you have VHX and Yekra who will be working exclusively with Indiegogo. Here’s a quick look on what both are offering.

tonebenders – episode eighteen – vanessa ament | Tonebenders
In this Episode, we welcome Vanessa Ament, author of ‘The Foley Grail’, the preeminent book on the art of foley. Vanessa dives deep – giving us a history of the craft, various differences in foley styles and techniques, as well as some stories from her own tremendous career.

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