Wednesday, January 22, 2014

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Evolution of the Dolly Zoom | VashiVisuals
Nice compilation of clips from movies from Vertigo to Jaws:
The Dolly Zoom is a camera shot made famous in Alfred Hitchcock’s VERTIGO (1958). It was invented by cameraman Irmin Roberts to visually convey the feeling and effects of acrophobia by zooming in with the lens while simultaneously dollying the camera backwards…or vice versa. Since 1958 it has been used hundreds of times in motion pictures…sadly most of the time only as a trick shot.

UK Colourists Want Their Say On New Cameras With Newly Formed DCA | Definition Magazine
 “The idea was basically with the advent of more digital cameras and the need for on-set monitoring or LUTs that we all try and get together to try and share some information and find some common ground. It is quite tricky as we’re all from different companies - no one wants to give away their trade secrets.

Mac Pro Shipping Times Slip To March; Is “Made In USA” To Blame? | Cult of Mac
A month later, and you’d think things would be getting wrong, but you’re wrong. On Apple’s online store, Mac Pro shipping times have slipped another month to March.

Free video editor | HitFilm 2 Express
They are offering this video editor for free up until February 4.

Going Big with the Canon C100 – By Stillmotion | Zacuto
Since we were confined to a single location and speed wasn’t a priority, we knew that outfitting the C100 with a Ninja and Canon cinema prime lenses would give us the best picture out of camera. This meant throwing on a baseplate, rails, follow focus, and Cinevate mount to accommodate the Ninja and lenses.

Choosing a Microphone | Wistia
Bad audio can ruin even the best video! Learn about a couple different kinds of external microphones and when to use them.

Reports conflict on impact of tax incentive for film industry | StarNewsOnline
On one hand, a recently released partial film study commissioned by the Wilmington Regional Film Commission and other state agencies showed that the industry is a big win for Wilmington and the state – with the economic impact as high as $10 million for the Cape Fear region.

Although Oscar nominations were announced yesterday, one winner has already been determined: the Oscar for Best Tax Break (not a real Academy Award). Among the nine films nominated for Best Picture, The Wolf of Wall Street received the largest state tax incentive, a 30 percent tax credit from New York State. In effect, New York State taxpayers paid for a third of its $100 million in production costs.

Students: Become an Adobe rep | Joh Nack
Back in college—in the daaark days for Apple (the lose-$700MM+-in-a-quarter days)—I was an Apple student rep, driving around a minivan full of swag & hipping people to the technologies I loved. It was a bumpy time, but the work experience complemented what I learned in school.
Students these days have a chance to learn while helping fellow students discover new creative power. Check this out:

Letus AnamorpX on mini HEX | Vimeo
Two video shot with the new Letus anamorphic lens for the GoPro Hero:

The guys at send me a prototype GoPro Anamorphic lens, incredible small lens. putting it on the Zenmuse next.
Check out 0:21, notice how the trees to the left are backlighted by the sun and the trees to the right is front lighted, there is no shadows to the right and deep shadows to the left. this thing is HUGELY wide.

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