Monday, September 16, 2013

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News From IBC

Taredek and News has been producing a live broadcast and reports from the show floor. You can catch up with most things through the Live Feed through September 18, and also at News Shooter.

Here's some high-lights:

Interesting discussion about the new 4k cameras and where they fit into the mix. Also, talk of the new NEX-FS700 models, and a suggestion that they will be slightly cheaper than the current model.
Two of the more interesting new cameras at IBC this year are the Sony FDR-AX1 and PXW-Z100, which both shoot 4K. On this episode of the Teradek/ live show Sony’s Bill Drummond tells us about the camera’s advantages, and also its limitations when compared to the company’s other handheld cameras like the PMW-200.

I know this camera is going to be expensive - it's an ARRI afterall - but I haven't yet found any mention of price!
The big news from the show was the Arri Amira camera, which the company has aimed squarely at documentary shooting. We were joined by Arris’ Stephan Schenk and top DP Rodney Charters of ’24′ fame to talk about the camera in more detail.

Choosing the Canon C100 over DSLRs | Livestream
Long time DSLR advocate Jonah Kessel admits to Dan Chung that the Canon C100 is a better video camera (and he bought one.) I totally agree with the points about built-in ND filter and better sound with the C100, if I had to quibble, at $5,499, the C100 is just a little more than the $3499 5D Mark III, not "about the same price," as stated.

Other News

Blackmagic fix black holes and white orbs with new firmware and sensor calibration | EOSHD
After a very limited initial release, the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera is slated for an end of September ship date  in greater quantity. The good news is that the extra time has given Blackmagic some leeway to tweak the camera.In the space of just 2 weeks Blackmagic have fixed the white orbs / hard clipping on the Pocket Cinema Camera as well as the black hole / sunspot which have been affecting both the original BMCC and Pocket for some time.

New York City | "Color Commentary" on the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera | H. Paul Moon | Vimeo
Within the week of posting, my NYC test run of the new Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera went north of 3k playbacks, seeming sensible now to complement with a split-screen comparison of the untouched footage straight from the camera, alongside that finished product after color correction/grading. I have no delusions of being a studio auteur, who could justify a braggart director's commentary, but after thinking about the option to write a long, wordy blog post, I figured it's easier and better all-around just to talk over my footage.

Seeing Is Believing: How Indie Authors Can Promote Books with Video | Publishers Weekly
The fact is, according to a recent study by ROI Research, “users interact with content that incorporates heavy use of images or video at twice the rate of other forms of content, and 44 percent of respondents are more likely to engage with a brand if they post a picture.” That’s a pretty impressive conversion rate, don’t you think?

10 tips for directors seeking to get the most out of their actors | Adrienne Weiss | FilmmakerMagazine
One of the most common mistakes directors make is failing to be prepared to work with their actors. After all, you know the script inside out, maybe even wrote it over a period of several years. So, isn’t it safe to assume that you know enough about the story and characters to direct the actors? The answer is: most probably not. 

What are the greatest film scores of all time? | Anne Billson, Robbie Collin, David Gritten, Tim Robey | The Telegraph
The Adventures of Robin Hood (1938, Erich Wolfgang Korngold)
A nostalgic choice: the first score I recall being aware of as perfect accompaniment to a film. Czech-born Korngold, already an eminent conductor and composer in Vienna and Berlin before fleeing to Hollywood to avoid Nazism. 

GoPro Hero3 Price Dropping
The price of the Hero 3 Black edition seems to be falling; it's been reported online at some places for less than $300, though most places are listing it at $329. I wonder if this means a new model is around the corner?

'Merlin 2 Steadicam - $400 off through Sep 30 | B & H
Could this be in response to all the brushless gimbals, or a new model? Either way, get the Steadicam Merlin for half price ($399) through Sept 30.

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