Tuesday, July 30, 2013

The News

Indiesonar interviews Charysse Tia Harper about the making of her currently in-production documentary Panomundo: "We’ve been fortunate enough to borrow equipment from crew members and friends from our past shoots. However, I have a Lavalier mic and a Nikon D5100, and Keith has acquired a Canon 60D."

NPR's POV blog has an article for those just starting out: Tips for Making Your First Film: Choosing a Topic, Interviewing Like a Pro, and One Aspect of Filmmaking That’s Often Overlooked
Choosing a TopicIFP: You have to go with your gut on this one! Whatever makes you happy, piques your interest, inspires (or enrages!) and activates is probably going to appeal to someone else. When you put passion into a project, others can see it. This makes them excited about the work too!

First test's of Canon 70D footage aren't that spectacular. Johnnie Behiri has posted an initial test with a beta copy of this camera, and the footage: "At present time there is not much to rave about the video quality coming out of that sample 70D camera.Images are extremely soft, a bit noisy and moire and aliasing are everywhere."
I'd say I was surprised, but I wasn't expecting the 70D footage to be any better than previous DSLR models.

Okay, this is pretty impressive; creating a scene using a model helicopter and After Effects. And a tutorial that shows you how to do the whole thing. Awesome!

The whole series is here: IndependentVFX | YouTube

Daniel John Peters offers some tips for recording scratch audio with the Red Scarlet.

New Shooter looks at the latest firmware update for the Sony F5 & F55.
It enables a couple of very significant things, the first being the ability to record the SR codec in 3 different varieties. These are SStP SR-SQ 444  RGB at 440Mbps, SR-SQ 422 at 440Mbs and SR-Lite 422 at 220Mbps. 

Philip Bloom liks the Film Convert plug-in
I have used many of them over the past 8-9 years. None of them have ever done what I want: make my video truly look like film…until now. FilmConvert does. I have taken the harshest, mode video like stuff I have and ran it through FilmConvert and have been blown away by it.

Film Financing
MovieScope offers a look at various financing and film making incentives for independent film makers. This has a European perspective, but some of this probably applies in the US too: Film Financing: The Whole Picture

Spike Lee got some grief for going to Kickstarter to fund a movie. Now he's claiming that it's all good because he's brought people to Kickstarter who didn't know it existed..

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