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After they nailed the shot on take one, I just stood there with a dumb look on my face: “Uh…I guess we should do it again, right?”  So we did another take and they nailed it again.  I looked at my watch and realized that at this rate, we could probably shoot half a dozen shots instead of just one or two. 

A Field In England A Film4 Digital Masterclass | A Field In England
Lots of information, well worth checking out this site:
Shooting with deep focus means that the foreground, middleground and background of the shot are all in focus. Ben Wheatley chose to use deep focus extensively on A Field in England, particularly on wide shots of the world of the field.

The Low Budget Starter Kit | Raindance Film Festival
Anyway I digress…the point I am trying to make is that cameras are the starting point in your journey and are becoming much easier to get your hands on. Smartphones have changed the way home videos are made, with all of them now coming with a built in camera. The two top of the range smartphones in the world right now are most definitely the iPhone 5 and the Samsung Galaxy S4.

Canon C500 with Ki Pro Quad | Wide Open Camera
So why would I want ProRes over Raw?  The main reason is workflow, Canon LOG and instant gratification. The reality is that Canon LOG is so great and works perfect with the Quad so there is not really a massive benefit for me to record .RMF Raw files.  The amount of drive space saving is huge.

Ep. 52 - "Weekly Update" | NeedCreative Podcast
Topics include:
  • There’s a big multicam bug in Adobe Premiere Pro CC
  • The Canon 70D and it’s special AF - here we go with “Game Changer” again
  • The Baby Alexa is here
  • C500 with a compressed 4K workflow... now we’re talking

Directing Tips from Film Consultant Seth Hymes: Leadership Doesn't End When Cameras Stop Rolling | No Film School
To be an effective leader you need to be aware of the strains you will be placing on your team and how to soften that strain in their experience. You want people who are going to be driven and passionate about your project, but you don’t want to suck them dry. Quite often, simply maintaining an upbeat attitude and acknowledging your team for doing a great job is half the battle.

BBC to drop 3D plans after trial run | The Guardian
The BBC's head of 3D says there are no further plans for the format after a trial period draws to a close. Kim Shillinglaw said many viewers have found it a hassle at home which has led to few people tuning in to the broadcasts.

Colour Contrast: Making the Most of Orange and Blue | Digital Photography School
Why these two? They happen to be very useful colours to work with because they appear a lot in nature (even though you might not be aware of it). It’s all to do with the colour of the ambient light, which ranges from cool blue to warm orange, depending on the light source.

Meet the Reader: Length Does Matter | ScriptMag
These objectors are correct – all of these examples are great movies whose screenplays were much longer than the accepted norm. However, they have overlooked one very important point — none of these films began life as a spec.

The Writer Speaks: Richard Matheson | Youtube
Acclaimed science fiction master Richard Matheson chats about his life as a writer. 46 minutes.

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