Wednesday, April 24, 2013

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The Challenges of Shooting Global News Coverage with Matthew Allard on 4.17.13 | Rule Boston Camera | Vimeo
I went to this talk last week, and it was really interesting...worth watching:
Award-winning shooter and editor, Matthew Allard, shares his 23+ years of experience covering breaking news stories around the world — from major sporting events to terrorist bombings — while shooting almost exclusively with large sensor cameras.Currently based in Kuala Lumpur, Allard works as Team Leader/Cameras for the Asia/Pacific branch of AL JAZEERA, shooting with HD broadcast cameras including the Sony NEX-FS700, the Sony PMW-F3 and the new Sony PMW-F55 as well as a plethora of Canon DSLRs.

Six Questions Apple Needs to Answer in 2013 | Scott Macaulay
| Filmmaker Magazine
Forget the Apple TV, where’s the Apple TV SDK? The iPhone has been Apple’s growth driver since its launch in 2007. But it wasn’t until the following year, when Apple opened up the iPhone operating system iOS to third-party developers, that the platform exploded with possibility.

The NPD Group: Apple iTunes Dominates Internet Video | NPD Group
According to The NPD Group, a global information company, Apple dominates the home digital-video sector, in much the same way it dominates digital music. iTunes’ share of electronic sell-through (EST) for television shows reached 67 percent in 2012. 

Tutorial - Color Correction Masks in FCPX | Chris Fenwick | One On One
yea yea yea, its not the 3 way color corrector from FCP7 but there are some really cool features in the FCPX color board and color corrector. Color Masks, Shape Masks, Inside and Outside controls. Check out this simple fix on a shot that just needed a little bit of love.

HDVideoPro Review: Technicolor CineStyle Color Assist | Shutterstock blog
Now Technicolor also has a software application, Technicolor Color Assist, that makes color grading easier and more efficient, and works hand-in-hand with the CineStyle color profile. The technology is based on Technicolor’s DP Lights, a professional on-set color-grading tool.

You don't have to pander | Seth Godin
The agency that gives its clients exactly what they think they want never deserves to win Agency of the Year, and worse, is rarely seen as the leader in the field, the trusted advisor that is smart enough to know what the client ought to want instead. They certainly can't charge more or hire better team members.

Serving Your Client vs Serving Your Muse | RON DAWSON | Dare Dreamer
Unfortunately, many people were not getting it without a second or third viewing (and some not at all). That may be great if this were a stand alone indie film. But when it needs to help raise money, that wouldn’t do. So I revised the film, and blended the narrative with the PSA approach. Based on the client’s ecstatic reaction and additional follow-up feedback from their board , I think we made the right decision.

NewsShooter has posted several more videos from NAB:
Dan Chung recaps the first day of the show with Matt Allard, Dave and Brad from GoPro, and Phil Bloom. The group discuss the demand for 4k, the advantages of Cineform and there’s a surprise appearance from award winning DP and Dallas of 24, Rodney Charters.

The Etiquette Of Being a Camera Trainee | Tales from TV land and other stuff
Being a Camera Trainee isn't easy, I should know, I was one for many years. Finding the work in the first place is more than half the battle. Once you are on the job you generally have to be really bad at learning new things to not get re-employed again. 

3 THINGS I'D BUY AT NAB (IF I HAD $10,000) | Videomaker
ARRI L7-C - $2800For those not familiar with ARRI's L series of lights, they are basically LED lights that have the same light properties as traditional tungsten lights, with some huge advantages. New to the L series lineup this year is the L7-TT.

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