Thursday, March 07, 2013

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Digital Bolex image quality – Exclusive look at sensor samples and footage
| Andrew Reid | EOSHD
Uncompressed raw is basically a direct sensor tap.
The Digital Bolex camera features a Truesense Imaging CCD (ex-Kodak). As there’s no image processing pipeline, just debayering – the sensor pretty much determines the image from the camera.So by looking at a development rig with the same sensor, we get a glimpse of what the Digital Bolex can do.

Infographic: SXSW 2013Did the Big Guys Crowd Out the Crowd Funders? (And Other Burning Questions…) | Amanda Farmer | Austin Freelance Writer
How are the films chosen? Are there formulas? Trends? What type of filmmakers get accepted? Specifically: Do crowd funded, totally obscure indie films really stand a chance, when $200,000 is considered “Ultra Low Budget” for Hollywood films entering the same festivals?The upcoming SXSW Film Festival seemed like a perfect opportunity to do a little research. I spent a few days poring over the SXSW website to gather what data I could before wrestling with Google to fill in the missing pieces.

Torrenters, Six Strikes and You’re Out! | David Rosen | Filmmaker Magazine
The campaign is designed to monitor peer-to-peer (P2P) networks for copyright infringement and is being promoted through an industry front group, Center for Copyright Information (CCI). Online users who allegedly illegally download copyrighted content will be sent a series of six warning, each one raising the stakes for noncompliance.

Will Accounting Woes at Avid Spark Big Changes or an Acquisition? | Chris Potter
| ScreenLight
If the desire for change is strong, or the accounting problems run deep, then Avid may be forced to look at some more radical options. What are some of the options that could be on the table? As I see it, the alternatives include more restructuring, an investment in innovative products, a private equity buyout, an outright sale of the company, or a breakup of the company. What is the likelihood that each of these options will happen? Read on to find out.

Getting your work out there. The festival vs the online release | Danny Lacey
| Philip Bloom
One of the key aspects of my work, at this stage, is building an audience, some might call it a tribe. I think it’s essential for the modern day indie filmmaker. The unique way in which I’m doing this is by sharing absolutely everything I am going through as a filmmaker online. Through my film website, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Vimeo.  Note, building up an audience takes time, often years and it’s a great way of attracting talent to your projects as they can see quite clearly just how serious and professional you are.

Digital Convergence Episode 113: Warning! Speed Change Ahead | DigitalFilm.TV
Are we keeping with change in our art and craft?
Getting constructive feedback from our customers
Script writing for promo videos

The Miracle of Visual Effects, will it continue? | Effects Corner
Because studios push and push and push the visual effects companies. They try so hard to squeeze every penny out of the visual effects companies and workers that they try everything they can. They lobby and get huge subsidies from states and countries to pay them, the studios, to make movies there. It’s not to the taxpayers benefit in those locations. And it's decimating the visual effects industry and that short sightedness is going to bite them.

4K at BVE in London and future proofing | London Photography and Video
Philip Bloom's presentation "The DSLR journey: from the 5D mkII to the 4K 1DC" was so popular that over 150 people were turned away each day, including me on Tuesday. Philip has not been too positive in the past about 4K's future but one of the reasons I follow him on twitter (@PhilipBloom) is because he is prepared to have his mind changed. He had shot a pop video with Olly Knights on the Canon EOS-1D C the previous week, quickly edited it in Adobe Premiere and Dissolve and produced a 4K ProRes 422 file which the venue guys converted to a DCP to show on the 4K projector at BVE.

Taking a sneaky peak at Cantemo Portal workflow for Final Cut Pro X | FCP.Co
When Apple axed Final Cut Server, it left a void in the digital asset management (DAM) market. Possible replacement company Cantemo has published a sneak video preview on the FCPX and Cantemo Portal workflow.

The Art of Steadicamfrom | Refocused Media | Vimeo
Invented by Garrett Brown in the early 70's, the steadicam shot -- or 'steadishot' -- has become one of the most dynamic and exciting forms of cinematography and is one of the most engaging visual techniques in a filmmaker's storytelling arsenal.
I was inspired to make this homage to the art of steadicam cinematography when browsing the database of "top" clips over at, which are rated by the community.

Pro Sony camcorder (NEX-FS100UK) catches daredevils tightrope walking | Sony
| YouTube
Our friends from SkySight Aerial Imaging strapped our NEX-FS100UK interchangeable lens camcorder to their flying radio control helicopters. The result? This flipping awesome, adrenaline inducing video. Watch as brave souls throw themselves off cliffs and test the limits of their balance on a tightrope strung across a ginormous canyon.

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