Thursday, March 21, 2013

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Wacom Cintiq 13HD 13.3" Interactive Pen Display | B & H
Wacom has unveiled a new pen display which has a 1920 x 1080 resolution and costs just under $1,000. You can't order it yet:

  • 11.75 x 6.75" Active Area
  • 13.3" Widescreen Display with HDMI Port
  • Full HD 1920 x 1080 Native Resolution
  • 250 cd/m² Brightness
  • 2048 Levels of Pressure Sensitivity

Another innovation in Camera Stabilizers? | Planet5D
A camera stabilizer with an electronic mechanism:
Another kickstarter project for the day  – this is an interesting take on the handheld steadicam – the The Supraflux Video Camera Stabilizer – which is unique because it has an electronic ‘brake’ to help control the motion without you needing to touch the device while filming (which of course can cause unwanted movement without tons of practice).

UPDATED: GoPro Issued DMCA Notice to DigitalRev | F|Stoppers
GoPro issues a DMCA, but it turns out it's at a site reselling their cameras:
The letter that was posted next to the review on DigitalRev was not sent in response to the review. Obviously, we welcome editorial reviews of our products. This letter was sent because DigitalRev is not an authorized reseller of GoPro products and they were using images and had incorrect branding and representation of our product in their online commerce store. As part of our program – we ask merchants who are selling our product to use authorized images. That is why DigitalRev was contacted. But – our letter did not clearly communicate this and that is something we will correct.

Panasonic Introduces AVC-Ultra Plug-ins for Avid | TV Technology
Avid and Panasonic have been collaborating since 2004 to achieve seamless file-based workflows encompassing the evolution of the P2 format. The latest Avid software development kit facilitates comprehensive workflow tools for the AVC-Ultra codec family, including AVC-Proxy, AVC-Intra and AVC-LongG.

Video: Canon Cinema EOS C100 – Things You Should Know | FilmTools
Unlike the C300 and C500, the Canon Cinema EOS C100 is only available with the EF mount, which makes it directly compatible with over 70 zoom and prime lenses of Canon’s EF, EFS, & EF Cinema lines. It’s 15% smaller than the C300, but it still packs the same sensor that is in the C300 & C500, capturing individual R, G, and B channels for each full HD 1920 x 1080 frame.

Michele’s NAB Survival Guide | Michele Yamazaki | ToolFarm
Pack some snacks! If your schedule is as jam-packed as mine tends to get, there sometimes isn't time to grab a quick bite to eat, or nothing but a bag of Spicy Cheetos, which it may be better to just eat nothing than Spicy Cheetos. Cafeteria lines are long at lunchtime. It's over priced too, under whelming or could even be sold out by the time you get to the front of the line. I've been there. I speak the truth.

You’re Never Too Old to Start a New Career | Brian Russell | Dare Dreamer
In October of 2009, my wife and I were in our local camera shop and they had a Canon 7D on the shelf. I had heard they shot really cool video, and I had seen one of Philip Bloom‘s early “People” videos online. For some reason my wife told me to buy it. I hadn’t taken a still photo in 17 years, and my only previous video experience was the HandyCam and iMovieHD.

PTC005: Terry White — Worldwide  Design Evangelist for Adobe
| Power To Create
In this episode you’ll understand why sometimes it’s good to be paranoid about backing up data. Also, how the inconsistent yet always changing world of digital media has kept Terry on top of his game and excited about teaching others to keep up and embrace digital media.

Crossing the ‘uncanny valley’: Nvidia’s Faceworks renders realistic human faces
| VentureBeat
Nvidia has nearly crossed the uncanny valley. The graphics computing giant debuted a technology today that showed how its graphics chips can render a human face with nearly flawless realism.

Black Magic Cinema Camera Test - Dibside | Dan Buck Joyce - OFILMS | Vimeo
Filmed with Black Magic Cinema Camera in ProRes 25fps Dynamic Range set to film - ungraded.Edited with Premier Pro CS6.

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