Monday, February 18, 2013

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Sony EA50 and the Z test | Philip Johnston | HD Warrior
Philip has the Sony NEX-EA50 on loan and is working on a review. He tried out one simple test to see what happens if you remove the card during recording:
Simple…you let the camera record for 30 seconds then pull the SDHC card while still in record mode…why ? This gives you some interesting critical information about your solid state camcorder thats worth knowing, for instance…If your battery fails will your precious footage still be recorded as we all know horror stories of lost footage and corrupt cards.

The New 4K: Different from the Old 4K | Art Adams | ProVideoCoalition
I've seen 4K demos projected on 25' screens, and the footage comes across just as a movie would: there's nothing inherent in the presentation that makes me say "Wow, that's an amazingly detailed image!" When the same image is displayed on a 60" monitor, however, the effect is jaw-dropping. The amount of detail crammed into such a small space is almost too much for the brain to process. Indeed, a Sony rep told me that 4K sports panning shots have to be very slow not because of technological issues but because the human brain can't process the new image information fast enough.

Firmware Timeline | Peter Crithary | Sony
Sony outlines future firmware updates for the Sony PMW-F5, F55 and the AXS-R5 Recorder:
In that spirit of continued collaboration, we want to share our planned timeline for releasing firmware updates and enabling new features of the F55 and F5. But more important, we want your input on the further development of these cameras. In the coming months, we will expand on the cameras’ feature sets considerably, and always at no charge to the end user. The information in the timeline below represents our current plan and is subject to change based on user and market needs.

An Examination of: Black Magic Cinema Camera | Timur Civan | Blog
Its definitely a first try camera.   Its essentially an off the shelf sensor, with an off the shelf LCD screen, Black Magic Hyperdeck Shuttle, Black Magic Deck Link card and a small off the shelf audio board, jammed into a small box.   It feels like it.  It is awkward to hold, with no thought to ergonomics AT ALL. This is why it needs this massive contraption to be made functional. IT would not have been hard to make this camera look like this:  An Ikonoskopp Dii.  The best hand held camera no one knows about.

Dynamic Range on the Blackmagic Cinema Camera & Canon 550D | Iain Anderson
| Vimeo
This tutorial video compared the dynamic range of sample video shot on a Blackmagic Cinema Camera and a Canon EOS 550D. Settings were matched between the two cameras, and it's easy to see where the BMCC allows you to recover highlights the Canon couldn't capture.

'Iron Man' Editor’s $50 iPad App-a '21st Century Moviola'-Is Now Available on iTunes | Carolyn Giardina | Hollywood Reporter
I'm curious about TouchEdit, but at $50, not that curious (partly because I don't think I can do that much editing on an iPad - not enough space for files.)
Lebental describes TouchEdit, a frame-based editing app, as a  “21st century version of the Moviola” that brings back the simplicity of film editing (including a retro design) while incorporating the latest advances in mobile technology and cloud-based services.

Seven Ways to Fail at Promoting Your Film Online (Broken Record Edition)
| Scott Macaulay | Filmmaker Magazine
2. Let your blog or Facebook page lie dormant.Here’s a related one. I’ve checked out a few websites and Facebook pages recently for films I know are in post. There are blogs and timelines, yes, but no updates within the last year or even two. Did these films disappear? Has truly nothing happened?

5 beautiful films with Janusz Kaminski | Christy Lemire | The Daily Journal
“In Cold Blood” (1967): Based on Truman Capote’s pioneering true-crime book about a vicious family murder that took place in a small Midwestern town. Kaminski praised its “visual metaphors.”

Japanese government to help launch UltraHD, but market will decide its fate | Michael Grotticelli | BroadcastEngineering
On the heels of Eutelsat’s initiative late last year in deploying the first 4K TV channel for experimental and demonstration purposes, Reuters reported in January 2013, that the Japanese government is set to launch the world’s first 4K TV broadcast in July 2014, roughly two years ahead of schedule, to help stir demand for UltraHD TV sets.

PTC001: Robbie Carman — Film & Video Colorist | Power to Create TV
Joining us this week is professional film and video colorist Robbie Carman (  He shares practical advice and inspirational techniques used in the world of cinema.  Robbie's job is to enhance the visual appearance of television programs and films.

Canon Cinema RAW Development Software | Juliet Verni | CineTechnica
Canon has released their very easy to use Cinema RAW Development software for Mac OS Lion and Mountain Lion, which allows you to ingest, play, and export Canon RAW files. The user interface is very intuitive; just click on a clip and it immediately shows up in the Preview window. You can play it straight, scrub, go through it frame by frame, and set in and out points. 

Nikon & Canon Promotions | B & H Photo Video
Several promotions on various lenses that run for the next two weeks:

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