Tuesday, December 04, 2012

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PRODUCT REVIEW: CANON 6D | jthorpephoto | Blog
4) Movie: It can record in all the same resolutions as the MKiii, so no difference there, I've heard of reports of Moire with the video, but I haven't seen it really. The video is a big upgrade from the MKii. Also the LCD is MUCH better than the MKii, and damn near the same as the MKiii.

5 Awesome Production and Post Production Online Newsletters | Jonny Elwyn
| Premiumbeat
Patrick Inhoffer’s excellent weekly newsletter is always jam packed with tons of great links to that weeks best color grading content. There’s always plenty of links to tutorials, color grading craft articles and a ton more on the business side of things, as well as a few ‘Sunday morning funnies’ too.  All enlightening and entertaining stuff.  It’s also a great place to stay on the inside track of what Patrick is up to and has got planned next.

Weekend With The Sony FS700 | Robert Ruscher | YouTube
I had the weekend to learn the ins and outs of the FS700 before using it on a shoot the next week. Wanting to really test out the slow motion, I called my buddies and before you knew it, we were lighting things on fire and shooting Coke Cans. This is all with the stock lens and I have to be honest, not impressed with it at all. Not really sharp, and had to bump the gain due to the iris.

Canon C100, Sony FS100, Canon 5DmkIII - Dynamic Range Comparison
| Magnanimous Media
DPs Jonah Rubash, Scott Regan, and Teddy Hoffman test the Dynamic range of the Canon C100, the Sony Fs100, and the Canon 5DmkIII.

Marco Solorio presents the Blackmagic Design Cinema Camera at LACPUG
| lafcpug | YouTube
Marco Solorio shows us the Blackmagic Design Cinema Camera at theOctober LACPUG meeting. Marco showed some comparisons between the BMCC and a couple of Canon HDSLR cameras and the difference between 8 Bit and 12 Bit video. 

Technicolor CineStyle Color Assist Tutorial w CS6 | Vincent Laforet | Blog
Here’s a quick follow up to yesterday’s post for those who want to see the Technicolor CineStyle Color Assist workflow in action with Adobe Premiere CS6. You can see how well integrated this workflow is in Premiere CS6 and how easy it would be to integrate this with your existing workflow, or with a DP on set setting initial looks for their editor/colorist. The beauty of this is that you can send the small sidecar .XCSL file via e-mail which makes this very attractive for people constantly on the move. 

Sundance 2013 Premieres and Documentary Premieres Announced
| Nick Dawson | Filmmaker Magazine
Announced today by the Sundance Film Festival were their robust Premieres and Documentary Premieres sections, which always feature a large number of well-established names both in front of and behind the camera. In the narrative section, Richard Linklater’s trilogy-concluding Before Midnight is bound to get a lot of attention, while there are also welcome returns to the festival for Michael Winterbottom, Rob Epstein, David Gordon Green, Park Chan-wook and Jane Campion.

What is a Matte Box? | Richard Harrington | Blog
This digital video tutorial explains what a matte box is, and how it can protect your video from flares and also hold filters for your camera.

What would you get if you combined Kickstarter + The Elders + Hawaii + Interactive Documentary storytelling? | Nathaniel Hansen | Blog
Crowdfunding works. Kickstarter HAS changed the lives of artists and their fans the world over. If you care about storytelling, the elderly, cats, whatever, I’m asking you to help spread the word about what this project is doing and what it has the potential to contribute to humanity and our experience. Lofty? Sure – but that’s my problem and I’m alright with that.

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